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Pothole Repair


Potholes are repaired with either a "high-performance cold mix" or "hot mix" asphalt patch, depending on the outside temperature at the time of the repair.
High Performance Cold Mix:
The "high-performance cold mix" asphalt patch is five times more expensive and does not last as long as the "hot mix" patch. It is primarily used during the colder winter months for emergency pothole repair.
Hot Mix:
The "hot mix" asphalt patch requires a temperature of at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit so it is used primarily in the warmer spring and summer months.
Once the Streets Division identifies the pothole, they clean up the edges for a good bond, making sure the pothole is dry. They then place the asphalt mix material in the pothole and compact it with a roller. This method has proved effective over time and allows the Streets Division to maximize the number of potholes the crews can repair. In extreme cases, the only permanent remedy is to completely resurface a roadway. Many of the same City Streets Division crews that plow snow during the winter months patch potholes during the spring, summer and fall.
Pothole Formation
Potholes are common to Colorado Springs and other Front Range cities due to the winter weather pattern that consists of many freeze-thaw cycles. Pothole formation is more dependent upon extreme shifts in temperature rather than accumulation of snow. They typically form when moisture seeps into cracks in the surface of a road and freezes, causing it to expand. When the ice thaws that space is left empty, and combined with frequent or heavy traffic over the crack, causes the asphalt to crack and fail.
Similar to potholes is sinkholes, which also cause roadway problems. Sinkholes appear suddenly and unannounced as holes in our pavement, even though they are caused by events, years in the making. Sinkholes can be caused by water moving underground, old mineshafts, underground moisture variations or damage to storm sewers, any of which cause the above ground to collapse, or "sink". Sinkholes are generally repaired with similar means and methods as potholes. However, in most cases, sinkholes are more intense to repair due to the fact the sub-grade and sub-base materials must be replaced prior to patching.
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Pothole Response 2012
To report a pothole:
please call the pothole hotline @ 719-385-ROAD (7623)

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