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Snow Routes

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2008/2009 Grids


Emergency Routes

 Emergency Routes

With the development of a grid based system, the Streets Division no longer plows by request.  Instead, residentials streets are plowed by grid (16 grids) based upon snow accumulation and accessibility.
Due to budgetary concerns residential streets will not be plowed until at least 6" of snow has fallen. When the primary and secondary routes are cleared and safe for travel, the Streets Division may begin plowing and applying anti-skid by grid in residential areas where snowfall has exceeded 6".  This is after the storm has passed and snowfall has ceased.


For the 2012-2013 snow season, the City has contracted-out Grid 1 (see maps above) to Terracare Associates, a private contractor, for all snow and ice removal service in that grid.  If you should have any questions, feedback or concerns related to Grid 1, please visit Terracare's website portal by clicking  here.
For more information please call the Snow Line at (719) 385-SNOW


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