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City of Colorado Springs / Fire / Fire Code Enforcement / Fire Code Administrative Rulings

Fire Code Administrative Rulings

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Low Frequency Notification Appliances 2014-2
 Aerosal Security Devices 2014-1
Storage of Portable LP-Gas Containers Awaiting Use or Resale 2011-2

Requirements for small CO2 systems used in beverage dispensing


In-Building Radio Amplification Systems



Prescribed Burn Plan Requirements



Upgrades/alterations to existing and/or dedicated function systems


Medical Gas Systems for Veterinary Clinics 2009-2
Facility Closure Requirements and Fee Schedule for Annual Hazardous Materials Operational Permits 2009-1
Fire Department Access on Construction Sites 2008-1
Sprinkler Head for Cooling in Compressed Gas Storage Room 2007-1
Work at Risk Criteria for Fire Sprinklers 2007-2
Fire Sprinkler Design for Shell Buildings 2007-4
Sequence of Operations for Modular School Buildings 2007-5
Fire Alarm Control Equipment Replacement 2007-6
Fire Hydrant and Water Supply Impairment Notification 2006-2
Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program 2006-1
Determination of Hillside Overlay Boundaries By Address 93-5
Locking Devices 93-8
Safety Factor Reduction for Fire Sprinkler System Hydraulic Calculations 91-3