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Review Authorities and Advisory Boards

There are various committees and advisory boards which advise the City Council on planning matters. Some hold public hearings and invite public participation. The following information is for reference and informational purposes. For the most up-to-date information, contact the Land Use Review office at 385-5905.

Planning Commission:

This nine‑person commission advises the City Council on significant land use and planning policy matters.  These include zone changes, annexations, master plans and ordinance revisions. This is the appropriate forum for discussions of policy issues related to land use, zoning and urban planning.



Downtown Review Board:

The City Council recently appointed a nine-member board to serve as an approval authority for development within the Downtown Form-Based Zone District. The Board reviews a range of land use and development requests for new construction as well as modification and/or alteration to existing properties within the Form-Based Zone District boundaries.



Historic Preservation Board:

This seven‑member board appointed by City Council administers the Historic Preservation program for the City. It initiates all zoning actions for parcels to be zoned Historic Preservation Overlay, and reviews requests for relief to preserve historic resources as well as any sign, moving, building or demolition permit requests for a property within the Overlay. The Board also undertakes surveys, educational programs, and historic inventories to further the historic preservation goals of the City.



Land Use Review Advisory Board:

This board was appointed by the City Council to review the development review process by City Land Use Review Division and other reviewing agencies i.e., Engineering Development Review Division, City of Colorado Springs Fire Department, Colorado Springs Utilities, etc.