Being in Hot Water isn?t Always Bad

Did you know that 100 percent of the City Administration Building's hot water needs are met by a solar hot water system? The temperatures, even on a cloudy, winter day run at about 15 degrees delta. It's a low-maintenance system that's been working and generating savings now for about 20 years.

Construction and Demolition Recycling in Colorado Springs
Experts estimate 35-40 percent of all solid waste in the United States comes from construction and demolition. At the same time, some Colorado Springs construction projects are able to achieve a reycling rate for these materials of up to 95 percent. Use the link to learn more about what was discussed at a recent Green Bag Lunch-n-Learn panel discussion.   Read More...
Colorado Springs Recycling Audit Finds Half of Residential Trash could have been Diverted from Landfills
Last month at the Pikes Peak Ecofestival, a trained group of Recycling Coalition of Colorado Springs volunteers sorted about three compacted yards of residential trash. That?s the equivalent of approximately 10 families? trash for a week. The volunteers found of the nearly 300 pounds of trash sorted, 158 pounds, 54 percents, could be diverted from area landfills. This audit was the launch of a larger statistical effort, which will cover the span of a year, examine trash from multiple haulers, and cross several seasons.  Read More...
How Much are we Using our Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities?

The City of Colorado Springs and The Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments (PPACG), are seeking volunteers to collect bicycle and pedestrian traffic data on area trails and bicycle lanes. This count will help quantify how much our bicycle and pedestrian transportation facilities are used to estimate future demand and identify and prioritize projects. Volunteers are needed for two-hour data collection shifts at 12 locations around the region this Wednesday, Sept. 15, from 7 to 9 a.m., 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., and 5 to 7 p.m. Click here to sign up online.

Visit the City at the 2010 Pikes Peak Water Fair

Come explore local and global water issues that are critical to our future, yet often remain hidden. The City?s Stormwater education team will be at the ITT Systems Pikes Peak Water Fair from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 18 with their interactive Enviroscape demonstration of pollution and runoff. The team will also have information on flood safety, storm drain stenciling (a great service project for schools and youth groups) and how individuals can do their part to protect our water ways. Topics covered at the Pikes Peak Water Fair include stormwater erosion, water conservation technology, pollution, reuse, disaster relief and access to clean water in the undeveloped world. These topics are a great launching point for science projects, community service ideas, research or history papers, international projects and environmental education. The fair takes place at ITT Systems headquarters, 655 Space Center Drive, where a short hike of adjacent Sand Creek brings these issues to life locally.

A Year Review of Vegetable Growing and Winterizing your Garden: ?Green? bag lunch-n-learn Thurs. Sept. 30
How do you garden in Autumn for success throughout the following summer? Join Larry Stebbins with Pikes Peak Urban Gardens on Thurs. Sept. 30 as he covers winterizing your garden and the rewards you can expect to reap by taking us through a year in review. Following the presentation, attendees may join Stebbins for hands-on learning as we plant garlic on-site in the City Hall Vegetable Demonstration Garden. The green bag lunch-n-learn will run over the noon lunch hour, from 12:11 to 12:49 p.m., at City Hall, 101 N. Nevada, in the Academy Room. To get backyard gardening ideas sprouting, each attendee will also receive a plantable clove of garlic. Eating local-grown foods and plant-based meals reduces food-associated greenhouse gases. And, if you grow a backyard garden organically, without pesticides and herbicides, you also spare the earth unnecessary air and water pollution. You won't want to miss this opportunity, as Stebbins has been one of our most popular presenters in the past! Click here for more information.  
Going Greener - Upcoming Eco Events
Sept. 15 ? Trail user count (volunteers needed)                  

Sept. 15 - PPSBN Member Meeting: Green Mortgages & Sustainable Business Financing with Ryan Riesterer

Sept. 18 ? Downtown Community in Action Clean-up

Sept. 18 - Pikes Peak Water Fair

Sept. 20 ? PPACG Economic Development Regional Sustainability Goals Focus Group

Sept. 24 - Pikes Peak Environmental Forum with Susan Davies, Trails and Open Space Coalition, regarding a Sustainable Parks Initiative

Sept. 25 - DEA National Unused/Expired Pharmaceutical Collection

Sept. 25 - Cheyenne Caņon?s Clean-up Day (volunteers needed)

Sept. 27 ? PPACG Transportation Regional Sustainability Goals Focus Group

Sept. 28 - Green Drinks at The Warehouse

Sept. 30 ? Green Bag Lunch-n-Learn: Winterizing your garden for spring success

Oct. 4 - USGBC Green Schools Summit



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