Tire rubber asphalt program receives Excellence in Recycling Award

On June 8, the City of Colorado Springs Street Division received an Excellence in Recycling award for their leadership role in recycling waste tires. Starting in 2006, the City began an experimental resurfacing program using Permeable Friction Course Terminally Blended Tire Rubber Asphalt (TBTRA) that to date has used a total of 226 tons of liquid tire rubber from approximately 45,500 recycled tires. Over the last four years, 78 lane miles of roads in Colorado Springs have been paved with TBTRA. Beginning in 2010, the City?s TBTRA paving program is planning to exclusively use waste tires generated in Colorado. Not only has the City?s TBTRA program been well received by local citizens, the positive buzz has led other communities across the state to try incorporating TBTRA into their paving programs.

Struggling homeowners and construction workers benefit from affordable housing program

Some Colorado Springs homeowners are getting renovation assistance through the help of City of Colorado Springs American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding. The funds expand existing City programs and are designed to get people working, create safe living environments, and conserve energy.  

Office equipment consolidation may mean savings through efficiency

Office equipment studies conducted for the City IT Division by three independent vendors are pointing the way for the City to save money and resources. The studies discovered that City staff print, copy and receive faxes approximately 1.7 million times per year. The studies also discovered that the City office equipment is, on average, almost eight years old and used by 3.3 employees per machine.

Academy Boulevard Corridor Great Streets plan to consider components of sustainability
The City?s Academy Boulevard Corridor Revitalization Plan is kicking off a study of a six-mile stretch of Academy Boulevard between Maizeland and Drennan roads using "Great Streets" concepts. Ideally, a "Great Street" should reflect its neighborhoods with appropriate design; contribute to the city's economic vitality; provide good commercial location value to businesses that power the local economy; support provisions for safe, convenient travel by all ground transportation modes and incorporate environmentally sensitive design and green development. Over 60,000 of the city's population live or work along this six-mile stretch of Academy Boulevard. Citizens and business interests along the corridor are encouraged to participate in the community discussion involving existing corridor characteristics, a model for future land use alternatives, transportation/transit options and plans to support revitalization of the corridor and adjacent areas. The first of two public meetings takes place Thursday, June 24, 4:30-6:30 p.m. at Sierra High School, 2250 Jet Wing Dr. A short presentation begins at 5 p.m. Click here for more information.
Bike to Work Day Breakfast success rolls into Bike Month+

More than 800 attendees celebrated commuting by bicycle at the Bike to Work Day breakfast on June 9. More than 30 City employees and representatives, including Mayor Rivera, Councilmember Martin and Councilmember Purvis, attended the event. Many City Divisions were represented, yet special recognition goes to the youth and staff of Meadows Park Community Center, who rode in for their 8th year in a row (some picutured). On the hubs of that successful event are more clinics, event valet-bicycle parking, and a tour by bicycle of local sustainability-minded locations. See events listed below and/or click here for details.

Buy local: farmers markets back for the summer season
City Green Team employee volunteers harvested their first City Hall vegetable demonstration garden crop (radishes) this month for Care-n-Share?s End Summer Hunger campaign. We?re reminded by their efforts to support our local community that one way to decrease your food?s carbon footprint is to become a ?locovore.? These days, most food travels an average 1,500 miles before getting to our tables. Food at a farmer?s market travels just 60 miles on average. (Note: Buyer beware... not all farmers market sell exclusively local goods. Ask questions or you may end up with produce delivered via interstate semi-truck.) Our community has a rich agriculture history and we're fortunate to be located within 30 miles of the Arkansas Valley, one of the most fertile agricultural regions in the state. Buying food raised and grown in our region also has the significant benefits of supporting a more local economy and bringing fresh, delicious food to your table! Click here for a list of the Colorado Springs farmers markets now back for the 2010 summer season.
How a Colorado Springs partnership has become a national model for green cleaning: City ?Green? Bag Lunch-n-Learn Thursday, June 24

In 2007, a partnership between Colorado College and Sodexo led to a campus-wide green cleaning conversion that won the 2008 Green Cleaning Award for Schools and Universities and is now presented throughout the nation as a model example. The almost cost-neutral conversion means students and maintenance personnel are exposed to fewer chemical, biological and particle contaminants which adversely impact air quality, health, building HVAC equipment, and the environment. A college campus, more than most environments, requires fail-safe cleaning processes. At the Thursday, June 24 ?Green? Bag Lunch-n-Learn Sodexo employee Thomas Allen, who manages the Colorado College program, will share how they?re using both standard chemistry and modern technology to make the switch without compromising hygiene or cleanliness. Lessons learned can also be applied at home. The lunch-n-learn runs over the noon lunch hour, from 12:11 to 12: 49 p.m., at the City Administration Building, 30 S. Nevada, in Suite 102. Attendees are encouraged to bring and enjoy their lunches during the presentation. Click here for more information.

Going Greener - upcoming eco events:
  • June 23 - Bicycle Nutrition free bike clinic
  • June 24 - Green Bag Lunch-n-Learn: How a Colorado Springs partnership has become a national model for green cleaning
  • June 24 - Cycle Different free bike clinic
  • June 24, July 8, & July 15 - Garden of the Gods Wildflower Walk
  • June 24 - Academy Boulevard Corridor Great Streets public meeting
  • June 26 - Bike on Hops, Hops on Bikes Sustainability bike ride
  • June 27 - Basic Bike Maintenance free bike clinic
  • June 29 - Bicycling for Transportation free bike clinic
  • June 29, July 6, July 13, July 20 - Garden of the Gods Bat Walk
  • June 30, July 7, July 14, July 21, July 28 - Garden of the Gods Prairie Falcon Walk
  • July 6, 22 & 26 - Flat Repair and Basic Maintenance free bike clinic
  • July 8 - Cycling for Change Family Ride & Kid's Rodeo
  • July 10 - Garden of the Gods Bird Walk
  • July 14 - Bicycle Maintenance Level 2.0 free bike clinic 
  • July 27 - Garden of the Gods Insect Walk
  • July 29 - Green Bag Lunch-n-Learn: Greenroads - what are they and why would we want one?

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