Environmental Sustainability E-Newsletter from the City of Colorado Springs

Sustainlane Challenge Here in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs was ranked 43rd out of 50th in 2008 for sustainability and this is our way of saying that we have come a long way, as a community.  It isn't always about the big programs and the money, it can be about a community that cares and a community that finds a way.  So...

The City of Colorado Springs, in partnership with several agencies, have issued the Sustainlane Local Action Challenge to Colorado Springs.  If you have been looking for small ways to make a difference for our community, this is it.  The Challenge is simple:  Simply go to www.sustainlane.com and click on Local Action--select Colorado Springs and upload a photo of yourself doing one of the 10 simple challenges.  It couldn't be greener and it couldn't be easier.  The community with the most points by the end of November wins the contest...so help us win this by going green the easy way!


The Bins are Back
The City of Colorado Springs and our partners at BETTR Recycling have received a shipment of blank bins to continue "The Art of Recycling" program.  As you can see from the decorated bins here, the potential is unlimited.  If your organization is interested in getting involved in the program, please contact Nick Kittle at 385-6609. 
Biodiesel is back--AND BIG!

The City was recognized in 2007 for running the largest municipal Biodiesel program in the nation and this year?s program has just eclipsed that record at more than 760,000 gallons of B20 Biodiesel used year-to-date.  In addition, the City?s use of E-85 has tripled over the last three years?making this the largest alternative fuel program in the City?s history.  Combined, these programs have reduced emissions in the Pikes Peak region by more than 4,000,000 pounds of carbon dioxide this year.