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Possible Stolen Property

Monday, July 19, 2010 11:30 AM [RELEASE AT WILL]:
The Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) is seeking the help of the public in identifying the owners of property believed to be stolen. In the last six months, The CSPD has taken several burglary reports in which jewelry has been taken. During our investigations we have found that a suspect in these burglaries has pawned many items at local pawn shops. Many of the items that have been pawned are jewelry and difficult to identify. We have posted photos of the items on our website at We will also post the photos on our Facebook page later today. If you look at the photos and believe the item is yours and you have been the victim of a reported burglary in the last six months please give us a call. Please keep in mind that detectives working this case may take a little while to return your call due to case volume. Also, it is important for you to take every step possible to make it easier for you to establish the property belongs to you. If you have photos of you wearing the jewelry or if you have other photos of the jewelry this may help investigators identify the property.         
Thank you for your help and if you believe any of these items may be yours, and you have a CSPD case report number as documentation. Please Call Detective Kessler at (719) 444-3177.
Note the Media: Please do not contact detectives from the Property Crimes Unit for further information about this case. Any further details for the press will come from the Public Affairs Section.