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Structure Fire at 2203 Constellation Dr.

At 7:40am this morning, a resident of 2203 Constellation Dr. called 911 to report that an oxygen tank inside the home was on fire and that his wife was still inside the home. The caller then hung up and further attempts to call back were unsuccessful. At 7:41am a residential structure fire assignment of 2 Engines, 1 Truck and a Battalion Chief was dispatched.


En route to the fire initial companies could see a visible smoke column and reported a working structure fire. This initiated the dispatch of additional resources, including Rehab, Safety and Accountability, and a Rapid Intervention Crew. 

Upon arrival of the first engine company at 7:45am, crews reported that the front of the home was fully involved in heavy fire and spreading. Crews were also informed that bystanders had removed the occupants from the home.

The initial arriving engine company made an aggressive fire attack using a 1 -inch hand line to knock down the main body of fire. After securing hazards such as propane and liquid oxygen, the fire was reported under control at 8:17am. 

At the height of the fire, 30 firefighters, under the command of Battalion Chief Kent Matthews, were on scene extinguishing fire, caring for the injured and providing operational support duties.

The occupants of the residence were exposed to fire and smoke products and both were taken to the hospital for evaluation. Their injuries were not believed to be life threatening. No firefighters were injured during the fight. 

Heavy fire, smoke, and water damage to the home?s main floor will displace its occupants. 

There is currently no official estimated dollar loss or cause. Fire investigators are on scene at this time.