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Flood mitigation efforts lessen impact of damage in Colorado Springs
Tuesday, July 22, 2014

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. –City officials state flood mitigation efforts set in place over the last two years significantly reduced the amount of water and debris entering city neighborhoods along the west side during Wednesday’s significant rainfall.

Initial assessments from the City Streets Division show minor debris in reported locations, mainly in north and west Colorado Springs. Immediately following the storm Wednesday crews were assessing damage, sweeping streets and clearing clogged culverts. There was no major damage to the stormwater infrastructure and the system remains functional and intact.

Public Works crews are working at select locations around the city Thursday to complete clean-up efforts where debris flowed into streets and the public right-of-way.

Impact of flood mitigation projects:

  • The City Streets Division will clear the cleanable retention pond for South Douglas Creek located at the Autism Center near Flying W Ranch Road and Vindicator.  Although the retention pond overtopped, the trap bags surrounding the building diverted flow around the Autism Center.
  • The catchment pond for North Douglas Creek at Flying W Ranch worked as designed to capture excess water and debris, filling to capacity while minimizing debris entering the city stormwater system.
  • Camp Creek detention pond at the north end of Garden of the Gods Park reduced the velocity and flow of water along the Camp Creek drainage.
  • Temporary mitigation measures at the 108" pipe at the Chapel Hills Mall held.