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City introduces new website
Monday, May 05, 2014

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The City of Colorado Springs is introducing today its new website,, in beta release.  The website, developed by local web design team ClikFocus, is structured to focus more on citizens’ needs, as opposed to having the website mirror the City’s departmental structure.

“What this means is that citizens do not need to know how City government is structured to find the information and services they need,” says Jay Anderson, Information Technology Project Manager.  “We’re providing information in a common sense approach and then we’ll periodically analyze behavior patterns on the site and adapt the structure to serve the information or application that the citizens want, in the locations where they want it.”

For example, if a significant number of people go to the “parks” section of the site to pay parking tickets, we will provide an easy way to access “pay a parking ticket” from the parks section, rather than try to educate citizens on the City’s Parking Enterprise.  Watch this presentation for more information about the philosophy behind the new website.

“Our team is excited to be launching the new website! I believe citizens will agree that it’s a huge improvement for the city,” says ClikFocus Founder, Ryan Dekker.  "We've been fortunate to work with such a great team at the city to make the site more modern—both visually and technically. The updated categorization and improved search functionality will give site visitors a better experience and help them find what they're looking for quickly.”

The new website is a multi-phase project, with today’s beta release being the first step.  City staff and ClikFocus will continue modernizing web applications ­­and fine tuning content over the next several months.  Citizen feedback and behavior analytics will be used to improve the new site and provide the best online services possible. During this time of transition will remain operational, but the City invites citizens to start exploring the new website.