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City's neighborhood traffic program cut

            Due to general fund budget reductions, the City of Colorado Springs' Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP) has been eliminated.  The NTMP was initiated more than 10 years ago to provide traffic calming assistance in response to increasing traffic safety complaints from neighborhood residents.           

The chief priority of the NTMP was to address cut-through traffic in neighborhoods ? motorists using neighborhood streets to bypass congestion on larger, busier streets.  Cut-through traffic may also create speeding, inappropriate truck use and/or higher-than-typical numbers of accidents.

            The NTMP used "traffic calming" measures to reduce cut-through traffic.  Usually, traffic calming is a combination of physical measures that reduce some of the negative effects of motor vehicle use, modify driver behavior, improve safety and quality of life for the surrounding area, and/or improve conditions for persons walking or bicycling.            The elimination of the NTMP includes:

  • Six traffic calming construction projects have been cancelled due to the lack of funds to construct these projects and the lack of staff to oversee their construction;
  • Approximately 35 existing neighborhood applications for traffic calming assistance will no longer be progressed through the program; and
  • The City will no longer be accepting applications from neighborhoods for traffic calming assistance, such as installation of speed humps and speed tables, entry medians, corner and mid-block bump-outs, etc.  Previously, the City accepted applications with petitions from concerned neighborhoods and evaluated them on an annual basis to prioritize which neighborhoods to provide traffic calming assistance.
The City will be completing two neighborhood traffic calming projects in 2010 using the last remaining NTMP funds (Alta Loma Road) and a federal Safe Routes to School grant (Windom Peak Blvd., Uncompaghre Street, and Poudre Way).  Six other neighborhood traffic calming projects have been canceled.  For more information on these projects, please visit the NTMP web page at


            For more information on the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program, including information on cancelled projects and traffic calming FAQs, please visit the NTMP web page at