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Third Invitation for Bid Extended on Front Range Express Buses

Nine surplus FREX buses have been put up for sale a third time in an invitation for bid posted by the City of Colorado Springs late this afternoon.  At least two out-of-state transit agencies have expressed interest in purchasing the buses. Consequently, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), who owns 80% of FREX buses, and the City of Colorado Springs, who owns the remaining 20%, agreed to post a third invitation for bid in an effort to generate operating funds for the service in 2010.   

Mountain Metropolitan Transit is cautioning FREX riders to continue planning for service elimination after February 12th. "We are working within an extremely tight timeframe," said Craig Blewitt, Interim Transit Services Division Manager. "FREX is currently operating on limited carryover funds from 2009. Unless we receive an iron-clad commitment that meets the minimum asking price, the last day of FREX service will continue to be February 12th as we have already informed the public." 

Interested parties have until 10:00am on February 8th to bid on the buses. If an acceptable bid is made, Colorado Springs City Council will have to make a final determination on February 9th during their formal session whether local proceeds from the sale may be used to sustain FREX service for the remainder of 2010. CDOT has already approved use of state proceeds to sustain the service for the rest of the year.

FREX is operated by the City of Colorado Springs, Transit Services Division/Mountain Metropolitan Transit. For more information, please visit or call 719-636-FREX (3739) or 877-425-FREX (3739).