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Suspect Found Guilty

On January17, 2013 the Colorado Springs Police Department received a call advising that a female had been kidnapped but managed to escape.  The victim reported that she was kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend and pistol whipped. 


The ex-boyfriend was identified as 25 year old Colorado Springs resident, Michael Rivera.  The victim said Rivera drove her to a house on the east side of town where he continued to assault her.  Rivera then forced the victim to remove her clothing and get into the bath tub.  When the suspect briefly stepped out of the bathroom, the victim managed to climb out the bathroom window while naked and run to a neighbor’s house for help.


The Domestic Violence Unit was notified and assisted with the investigation.  The investigation led to the arrest of Rivera and yesterday the trial was completed.  The jury deliberated for approximately two hours before returning a guilty verdict for Second Degree Kidnapping and Second Degree Assault. 


Rivera will be sentenced at a later date and could be facing more than one hundred years in prison. 


Special thanks and appreciation is extended to the various Units for their tremendous assistance with this investigation to include: TEU, COMMIT, CSPD Victim Advocates, TESSA and the District Attorney’s Office. 


It is our hope that the victim can breathe a sigh of relief with this verdict as she has been in hiding since the crime occurred.