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Projects Temporarily Suspended

Fifty percent of the City's PPRTA Capital "A List" projects have been finished as approved by voters during the November 2, 2004 election.  Reductions in City General Fund revenues have resulted in a shortfall for City Engineering's staff availability to manage the remaining capital projects.  During the 2010 Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (PPRTA) Board of Directors' Budget Workshop (11/12/09), the City of Colorado Springs requested PPRTA support for City project management of PPRTA Capital Projects for one year.  At the December 9th PPRTA Board of Directors' Meeting, this request was denied. The PPRTA Board is made up of 3 County Commissioners, 3 City Council Members, the Mayors of Manitou Springs and Green Mountain Falls, and a Trustee from the Town of Ramah.  The City has cut thirteen City PPRTA project related positions, and notified vendors of project suspensions.

The City Engineering Division will be competitively selecting a private sector consulting firm to manage its PPRTA capital projects.  Due to the time it will take to properly implement this management change, the City is temporarily suspending all City PPRTA Capital work until a program management staff is in place.  This does not affect the Woodmen Road project since the majority of that funding is from the federal stimulus program. The following capital projects are immediately affected:

  • South Metro Accessibility (Proby Pkwy.) Phase 1
  • Austin Bluffs Corridor Improvements - Nevada Ave. to Academy Blvd.
  • Austin Bluffs Corridor Improvements  - Barnes Rd. to Old Farm Dr.
  • Fillmore/El Paso St. Improvements
  • Vincent Drive Bridge at Cottonwood Creek
  • Vincent Drive Extension
  • Hancock Avenue Bridge at Templeton Gap Floodway
  • Roadway Safety and Traffic Operations Projects:
    • Platte Ave. Corridor - Hancock to Union
    • Hwy. 24 @ 21st Street Intersection
    • 8th Street @ Arcturus/Ramona Intersection
    • Hwy. 24 @ 26th Street Intersection
    • Las Vegas @ Royer Intersection and RR Crossing

City staff requests citizens' patience during this transition period. The City is committed to completing these capital projects but needs time to make this program management adjustment.