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CSFD Urges Residents to ??Have Two Ways Out!? During Fire Prevention Week, October 7-13, 2012
Friday, October 05, 2012

October 5, 2012– If you woke up to a fire in your home, how much time do you think you would have to get to safety? According to the nonprofit National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), one-third of Americans households who made and estimate they thought they would have at least 6 minutes before a fire in their home would become life threatening. Unfortunately, the time available is often less. 

That’s why the Colorado Springs Fire Department is teaming up with NFPA during Fire Prevention Week, October 7-13, 2012, to urge residents to “Have Two Ways Out!” This year’s theme focuses on the importance of fire escape planning and practice.

In 2010, U.S. fire departments responded to 369,500 home structure fires. These fires caused 13,350 civilian injuries, 2,640 civilian deaths, and $6.9 billion in direct damage.

CSFD’s Fire Marshal Bret Lacey says, “Fire is unpredictable and moves faster than most people realize. Having a tried and true escape plan with two ways is essential to ensuring your family’s safety should fire break out in your home.”

CSFD recommends the following tips for planning your family’s escape:

  • Make a map of your home. Mark a door and a window that can be used to get out of every room.
  • Choose a meeting place outside in front of your home. This is where everyone can meet once they’ve escaped. Draw a picture of your outside meeting place on your escape plan.
  • Write the emergency telephone number for the fire department on your escape plan.
  • Have a grown-up sound the smoke alarm and practice your escape plan with everyone living in your home.
  • Keep your escape plan on the refrigerator and remind grown-ups to have your family practice the plan twice a year or whenever anyone in your home celebrates a birthday.

CSFD is proud to be partnering with Firehouse Subs and the El Paso Teller E911 during Fire Prevention Week to promote “Have Two Ways Out!” We will be holding three safety days during this week. We will have the new Fire and Life Safety Classroom from E-911 to teach children what to do when they hear a smoke alarm sounding and how to plan an escape route. We will also have plenty of fire prevention and preparedness information available along with our favorite mascot, Sparky. Through these educational, family-oriented activities, residents can learn more about the importance of fire escape planning and practice, as well as the power of prevention.

            Dates:              Thursday, October 11 from 4 – 8pm

                                    Friday, October 12 from 4 – 8pm

                                    Saturday, October 13 from 3 – 8pm

            Location:         Firehouse Subs, 7543 N. Academy Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO

To learn more about Fire Prevention Week and “Have Two Ways Out!” visit NFPA’s Web site or