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Community Service Officers Graduation

Thursday, August 30, 2012 11:00 AM [RELEASE AT WILL]

Mayor Steve Bach and Chief Pete Carey are excited to welcome our newest Community Service Officers to the Colorado Springs Police Department. 

Thirteen {13} part-time CSO’s are graduating this afternoon at 2:00 pm at our Training Academy located at 725 N. Murray Boulevard, following an intensive 4 week course.

Our Community Service Officers will help our Patrol Units by alleviating those calls that are of a non-emergent nature and do not require a sworn officer to respond.

Types of calls that will be assigned to a CSO include but are not limited to: Motor Vehicle Thefts, 3rd degree Burglaries, Traffic Hazards/Traffic Control, Thefts from vehicles, VIN Verifications, Missing Persons, Lost or Stolen Property and Car Seat Safety Checks.

This valuable service where CSO’s will be engaged as Ambassadors for the citizens of our community, will improve and enhance calls for service that were previously being handled by alternative means.

You are invited to join in this celebration!