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Help CSPD locate witness from a Cold Case Homicide


The Colorado Springs Police Department’s Cold Case Homicide Unit is responsible for the investigation of approximately 90 cold homicide cases.  A homicide case is considered to be “cold” if it remains unsolved for over one year.


One of the cases the Cold Case Homicide Unit is currently reviewing is that of Janet Conrad, which occurred on December 3, 1976, in a linen room at the Antler’s Hotel, 2 S Cascade Ave. 


The link to the Cold Case Unit’s web page regarding this case is:


As part of this on-going investigation, the Colorado Springs Police Department has identified several potential witnesses that need to be located and re-interviewed as part of this investigation.  Some of the initial information collected about these witnesses by officers and detectives was extremely limited, which makes locating them especially difficult. 


One witness detectives are trying to locate is Bennie (Benny) B. Wilson, who was employed as a doorman at the motel on the night Janet Conrad was murdered.  The only information we have about Mr. Wilson is that he was employed as a doorman at the motel and was described as a black male in his mid 30’s to early 40’s. 


It should be stressed that Bennie Wilson is not a suspect in the murder of Janet Conrad, and there is no information that leads us to believe he was involved. 


If you have any information about Bennie Wilson, please contact Detective Jerry Schiffelbein at 444-7673 or the Cold Case Unit by e-mail at


You can also submit your tip on-line by clicking on the following link: