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City Council Accepting Applications for District 3 Seat

Individuals who are interested in being considered for the City Council District 3 seat, currently held by Councilmember Jerry Heimlicher, are encouraged to immediately send a cover letter and resume to City Council for consideration.  Cut off for applications will be Monday September 28th at 5 p.m. Councilmember Heimlicher announced last week his intention to resign from the seat effective September 30, 2009.  In accordance with the City Charter, City Council shall appoint an eligible person to fill the vacancy within 30 days.  The City Council would like to expedite the process since 2010 General Fund Budget discussions will begin in October allowing the new Councilmember to fully participate in the budget process.  The Mayor would like to have a candidate selected and ready to be sworn in by the first Informal Council Meeting on October 12.  The seat is required to be filled no later than October 30, 2009.


To be eligible for the office of the District 3 Councilmember a person must:

1.    Be a citizen of the United States

2.  Be at least twenty-five (25) years old

3.    Have been for one year immediately preceding appointment a resident of the city

4.    Upon taking the oath of office be a bona fide resident of District 3


The cover letter should include why you are interested in becoming a City Councilmember, and the resume should reflect community activities and relevant work experience.  Mail or deliver your materials to: 

City Council District 3

City Hall - Suite 300

107 N. Nevada Avenue

Colorado Springs, CO  80903