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Meadows Park Community Center a success story in transforming local government
Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Meadows Park Community Center Program Coordinator, Brian Kates, will be a featured speaker at the 2012 Transforming Local Government Conference, April 18-20, in Kansas City. Kates is an innovative leader in City government. 

When faced with possible closure due to budget cuts, Meadows Park Community Center revamped its business model. Meadows Park is expanding its service reach at the same time it’s reducing its dependence on tax dollars through partnerships with businesses, non-profits, churches, schools and individuals. More than 60 different partnerships have been created to keep the center thriving. 

Community partnerships allow Meadows Park to offer an array of programs and activities for preschoolers through senior citizens. In 2011, a satellite facility as opened in the nearby Stratmoor hills neighborhood, where introductory services include a weekly food pantry and field trips.

At the conference, Kates will present his bottom-up approach to attendees from around the country, and provide a fresh look at ways to transform how services are delivered in a community.