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City vehicles sport "We Share the Road" bumpersticlers

We Share Our Road bumper sticker


About a year ago, a disparate group of road users started meeting to come up with ways to make roads in and around Colorado Springs safer for all. The Colorado Department of Transportation chose our community and Fort Collins as the “guinea pigs” in this process. The group discussed accident data and tried to come up with ways to inform all users with a vision for Colorado Springs that is more pedestrian, cyclist and motorcycle friendly. This collaboration led to a recommendation for the City’s use of shared lane markings, the pictured bumper sticker and other educational materials that express how here in Colorado Springs, “We Share Our Road.” The bumper stickers were available at community events this year. To show support for the group’s efforts and increase awareness, select City vehicles also now sport the bumper stickers. To get your own bumper sticker you can pick one up from MetroRides at 1015 Transit Drive, Colorado Springs 80903, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, while supplies last.