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There's something in the air along new Proby Parkway
Wednesday, December 14, 2011

road and streetlights
New Proby Parkway

The next time you drive the almost-complete Proby Parkway, look up. Those streetlights, approximately 200 of them, use high efficiency LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting. At night you may notice that the light allows for truer colors (a public safety benefit) and that the fixtures are compatible with dark sky concepts (better for stargazing and nocturnal animals). The initial cost for these streetlights is higher than traditional streetlights. Yet, the long-term cost is lower due to their extended lifetime (three times as long, if not longer, which means lower operations costs) and a 50 percent reduction in energy requirements. If, while driving, you happen to look down, you’ll see a road that also used 60,000 tons of recycled, crushed concrete as underground aggregate and pavement made with 20% (180,000 square yards) recycled asphalt.