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Colorado Springs Fire Department Stretches Apparatus Replacement Dollars by Refurbishing Existing Equipment

The Colorado Springs Fire Department(CSFD) invites the media to inspect the most recent fire apparatus, refurbished to like-new condition for less than half the cost of purchasing a new one. The vehicle will be available for inspection and photographs, plus the Senior Fleet Technician of the department’s Logistics and Transportation Center will be available to answer your questions concerning the apparatus and the process involved to refurbish such a complex vehicle.

  • When : Wednesday, November 9, 2011
  • Time: 10:30 - 11:30 am
  • Where: CSFD Logistics and Transportation Center, 3667 E Bijou Street

This year, a new fire department engine company (pumper) would cost Colorado Springs approximately $382,000. By refurbishing the apparatus, utilizing department personnel and Colorado specialty vendors, the cost to give this piece of equipment a new lease on life was only $172,771, a 53% savings over the cost of a new vehicle.

The CSFD has refurbished 7 apparatus over the past 5 years, saving the community over 1.2 million dollars. A ladder truck is also currently undergoing refurbishment. The refurbishment process is not a simple one; it involves rebuilding or replacing every major component on the vehicle, including removing the rear body from the chassis and making structural improvements to extend the life of the body.  Page 2 of this release explains in greater detail, the refurbishment process.  Page 3 contains details about the vehicle that will be on display November 9 and general information about the CSFD’s fleet.

Refurbishment Details:

Performed by CSFD Heavy Equipment Mechanics:

  • Complete in-frame rebuild of the engine ($12,470 parts only)
  • Replace brakes ($786 parts)
  • Reinstall radios, HT chargers, and computer/AVL systems upon return of the vehicle from SVI Trucks (in-stock parts)

            Total:  $13,256

Performed by Outside Specialty Vendors:

  • Rebuild transmission ($6,925)
  • Replace all suspension and driveline components, including u-joints, leaf springs, shocks, steering linkages, etc. ($6,434 parts)
  • Rebuild radiator ($2,309)

Total:  $15,668

Performed by SVI Trucks(Loveland, CO):

  • Pump test conducted to identify necessary repairs, such as valves, pump seals, etc.
  • Entire rear body and pump house body are removed from the chassis and completely refurbished, to include welding all cracks and gusseting for maximum strength.  Afterward, all component surfaces are painted for rust resistance.
  • Cab interior is completely stripped.  All cracks are re-welded, floors are replaced, new aluminum door panels installed, and new headliner, dash, and 911 brand seatsare installed.
  • Replace all rollup compartment doors
  • Replace all diamond plate not welded to the vehicle body
  • Replace aluminum diamond plate hose covers
  • Replace all lighting (interior and exterior) with NFPA approved LED lighting.  This includes emergency warning lights.
  • Remove gas generator and replace with hydraulic generator, including duplex outlets and 4 scene lights
  • Install all new wiring from front to rear (except engine/transmission looms)
  • Install new windshields
  • Paint and re-decal exterior
  • Conduct final test, along with full electrical load test

Total:  $143,618

Grand Total for Most Recent Engine Refurbishment: $172,542


Apparatus Refurbished in the Past 5 Years:





Refurb Cost

Cost of New


% Saved



$     155,918

 $     325,000

 $     169,082




$     173,945

 $     325,000

 $     151,055




$     155,918

 $     325,000

 $     169,082




$     166,200

 $     341,250

 $     175,050




$     166,200

 $     341,250

 $     175,050




$     172,545

 $     360,500

 $     187,955




$     172,542

$     371,315

$     198,773




$  1,163,268

$  2,389,315

 $  1,226,047



Apparatus on Display

Engine 4 (Unit 442)

Class A (Type I) Pumper

  • Purchased June 23, 1997
  • Purchase Price $240,024
  • 1997 HMEChassis
  • Becker Fire Equipment (Body Builder)
  • 450 HP CumminsM-11 Engine
  • Allison4060HD Automatic Transmission
  • GVWR 42,000 lbs.
  • Actual Weight 34,220 lbs. 
  • Pump - Waterous Brand, Single-Stage, 1500 Gallons per Minute
  • Water Tank - 500 Gallon Poly Tank (Lifetime Warranty Against Leaks)
  • Seating For 5 Persons
  • Refurbishment Began Dec. 2010; Completed in Oct. 2011
  • Refurb Cost  $ 172,545
  • Approximate Cost of Replacement: $371,000



The CSFD maintains a fleet of 42 heavy apparatus, plus 86 medium and light vehicles, such as brush trucks, EMS squads, and staff vehicles.  The heavy equipment includes:

            26         Engine Companies (4 are reserve apparatus)

            8          Truck Companies (2 are reserve apparatus)

            1          Heavy Rescue

            3          Hazardous Materials/Decon Apparatus (1 reserve apparatus)

            2          Type III Heavy Brush

            1          Air Cascade Vehicle

            1          Communication Vehicle


All heavy apparatus are designed to specifications developed in-house by our Apparatus Committee, which includes command staff, company officers, driver-operators, and members of the Fire Department’s maintenance division.

The average age of the CSFD’s front-line engines (pumpers) is 5.3 years; the average age of our ladder trucks is 11.3 years.  2 ladder trucks are expected to be refurbished and returned to front-line use in 2012.