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Colorado Division of Emergency Management Awards $18,125 Grant to Fire Department

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, September 21, 2011 - The Colorado Division of Emergency Management (CDEM) today released $18,125 in State Hazard Mitigation (SHMP) funds to the Colorado Springs Fire Department.


SHMP provides grants to state and local governments to implement long term mitigation measures including outreach and educational projects. The project will involve the design, purchase and installation of fire danger signs at fire stations, select neighborhood entrances and park entrances. Through this State Hazard Mitigation grant, CDEM will pay 50 percent of the project costs. The remaining costs will be met by Public Safety Sales Tax in the form of labor (soft match).


"These signs will not only remind residents of the current fire danger but will also act as a physical reminder that this community lives in a wildfire environment" said Brett Lacey, Fire Marshal. "This grant funding source allows us to stretch our budget and install more fire danger signs throughout the city."


The fire danger signs will display the daily fire danger rating anywhere from LOW - EXTREME. This is the second successful SHMP grant awarded to the Colorado Springs Wildfire Mitigation Section.


"We're very fortunate that funding has become available to assist our community in addressing wildfire risk" said Rich Brown, Interim Fire Chief. "These signs will serve to remind us all of the fire danger, especially during extreme conditions."


The Colorado Division of Emergency Management is responsible for the state's comprehensive emergency management program which supports local and state agencies. Activities and services cover the four phases of emergency management: Preparedness, Prevention, Response, and Recovery for disasters like flooding, tornadoes, wildfire, hazardous materials incidents and acts of terrorism.