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Colorado Springs recycles 20 tons in first quarter of public space recycling program

Since the City of Colorado Springs launched its new public space recycling program on Earth Day (April 22, 2011), 20 tons of recyclables have been diverted from area landfills, or 41 percent of the total waste collected from the core downtown business district and seven city parks.

"Colorado Springs should be proud of the huge strides we are taking to become a more sustainable city with the help of the Greener Corners recycling program," says Steve Bach, Mayor. "To go from basically zero public space recycling to diverting 20 tons of recyclables in four months is quite an accomplishment, and at no cost to the city - it's a win-win."

To put it in environmental equivalency factors, in four months Colorado Springs has:

         Saved 171 trees;

         Conserved 252,464 gallons of water;

         Taken 15 cars off the road;

         Saved 333,261 kilowatt hours of energy;

         Reduced oil consumption by 9,080 gallons; or

         Averted 58,376 pounds of greenhouse gas.

The recycling program is free of cost to the City and taxpayers; made possible by the City's partnership with Greener Corners, a full-service recycling organization that sells sponsorships on the sides of the recycling bins to cover the cost of the program and earn some additional revenue for the City. The partnership with Greener Corners came about as part of the city's contract with Active Network to establish asset marketing programs with positive revenue streams and partnerships.           

There are currently 60 recycle bins in the core downtown area and 90 throughout seven of the city's larger parks and sports complexes (Memorial Park, Palmer Park, Skyview Sports Complex, Goose Gossage Sports Complex, Leon Young Sports Complex, Acacia Park, and the parking lot at Red Rock Canyon).  The City and Greener Corners plan to expand the recycling program throughout more of the city over the next several years.

Greener Corners has opened a local office in downtown Colorado Springs, and is forging collaborations with numerous organizations and businesses, including Boy Scouts, Pikes Peak Sustainability Business Network, the Chamber of Commerce, Greener Cities Coalition and Waste Management.  Recyclables are hauled along with trash by Waste Management, the City?s current contracted waste hauler.           

For more information about sponsoring recycling bins or volunteering with the Greener Team call 1-888-LOOK-4-GC (1-888-566-5442) or (719) 578-3333, or follow Greener Corners at and