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Council Task Force Meets to Begin Process

Sept. 2, 2011


Today City Council's expanded Memorial Health System Task Force began the process they hope will eventually provide voters with a recommended option for leasing and operating Memorial Health System.           

Business at the initial meeting was relatively brief.  Donna Nelson, the mayor's new economic vitality specialist, was introduced to the task force.  She will represent him at the table when he is unable to make meetings.

Additionally, six other individual's credentials were considered for addition to the membership of the task force.  Five are from the medical community and one is an attorney from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and a specialist in proposal processes.           

The task force determined its meetings would be weekly: Friday mornings from 8 to 11 a.m. until mid November.

The remainder of the meeting was spent answering and responding to public questions and concerns.           

One concern voiced was that this new task force was going to ignore the work done by the former committee.  In responding, Chairperson Jan Martin explained, the former committee's work was important and the task force would consider all of its information, but that the task force would also look at other types of proposals discounted by the former committee.

Another concern centered on whether there was representation of the underinsured or uninsured populations.  Chairperson Martin explained the task force would do its best to consider all points of view in its work.           

Another person wondered about who would eventually oversee a leased hospital.  Chairperson Martin clarified that a Board of Directors would directly oversee operations but the City would still own the asset.

A challenging discussion centered on balancing the need for transparency when doing the public's business and providing for closed sessions when discussing sensitive business concerns.