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The Colorado Springs Fire Department Launches FireFactor Prevention Program

Colorado Springs, CO - The Colorado Springs Fire Department is proud to offer its FireFactor program to 6th and 7th grade middle school students. The department?s goal is to educate children who statistically are more likely to engage in the unsupervised, experimental, mischievous or illegal use of fire. Nationally, 85% of all children killed in fires die as a result of a fire they have started. Unfortunately, most children do not know or fully understand the various consequences of playing with fire and FireFactor provides the opportunity to educate students about preventing these types of incidents through fire and life safety education.


FireFactor is provided free of charge to any middle school willing to participate. This prevention program based on research about effective teaching techniques for today's teens as well as research that supports the idea that children today are of a technology and media based generation. FireFactor uses mediums that kids connect and identify with including clips from current TV commercials, movies and music videos which typically show the "fantasy" of fire and its cool and entertaining effects. The course also incorporates interactive activities that teach students about the financial, legal, physical and emotional consequences of using fire inappropriately. This reality is emphasized against the popular mainstream messages seen in today?s media.


During the 2010-2011 school year, FireFactor reached over 2,800 middle school students and due to high demand is once again being offered for a limited time from the start of this school year through October 7th. For more information about FireFactor, or to schedule a presentation, contact Brianna Goodwin at 719-385-7376 or