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CSPD Officer Arrested

Sydney Huffman
Sydney Huffman
Friday, June 10, 2011 4:30 PM [RELEASE AT WILL]:
Today, the El Paso County District Attorney's Office arrested a Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) employee on charges of Attempting to Influencing a Public Servant, a class four felony. The employee, Sydney Huffman, is a police officer and has been with CSPD since 2008.
When it was brought to the attention of the police department on April 21, 2011, that Ms. Huffman may have been involved in criminal activity we asked the District Attorney's (DA) office to lead the investigation. This request was due to a previous criminal case that CSPD investigated where Ms. Huffman alleged that she was the victim of domestic violence. We investigated the matter and ultimately, after a failed prosecution, learned there was reason to question what investigators were led to believe by Huffman. As a result of that investigative relationship and the fact that she was a police officer, we believed an independent investigation by another agency was warranted.
Since the case where Ms. Huffman was alleged to be a victim, and the case where she is alleged to be a suspect, may be connected we are not able to comment further on either case. The investigation by the District Attorney's Office is ongoing.   
Chief Myers said "we are trying, as a professional agency, to strike the balance between appropriately handling victims and at the same time are working to maintain the integrity of our agency and accordingly have proactively sought out the assistance of the DA's Office in this investigation."
Ms. Huffman is on paid administrative leave pending the filing of formal charges by the District Attorney's Office. Although an arrest has been made, no formal charges have been filed and Ms. Huffman is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law. If and when felony charges are formally filed by the DA, Ms. Huffman can be suspended without pay. A photo of Ms. Huffman accompanies this release.
NOTE TO MEDIA: CSPD has no additional information that can be released at this point reference this matter. If you have questions please call the District Attorney's Office at 719-520-6054.