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Interactive Route Map and Flight Guides
  Interactive Route Map and Flight Guides

The Colorado Springs Airport would like to introduce two new tools to help you find flights from your hometown airport to the destination of your choice - the Interactive Route Map and the Smartphone App. As always, you can still access our monthly COS Flight Guide in PDF format. No matter where you are, you can have the most current flight schedules available right at your fingertips. Just follow the links below to view the downloadable flight schedule information.


Image of COS Interactive Route Map web page

Welcome to Colorado Springs Airport's interactive route map. This easy-to-use feature will allow you to begin planning your trip from COS!

From the Colorado Springs map all non-stop flights are shown upon launch. To see the network between Colorado Springs and another city, follow the directions below:

  • Either enter the city name or airport code in the destination box at the top left of the page or click on the city dot of a particular destination.
  • Your choice of routes will populate in the chart on the right side of the screen and appear on the map.
  • To view global destinations, utilize the "zoom out" function at the top left corner of the map.
  • To view additional U.S. destinations, click the "zoom in" function.

    Printable Flight Guide Cover

    Download a copy of the Colorado Springs Airport Flight Guide and view it on your computer. To view online, simply click the link. For off-line viewing, right click the link and select "Save As" (Mac Users, option-click). Click on the city in the left hand column to view the flight information for that city's airport. This Flight Guide is updated monthly.

    This file is in Adobe Acrobat format. If you do not have an appropriate viewer installed, you can download one from Adobe's web site.


    Image of COS Flight Schedules Smartphone App

    Use this application on any Smartphone to access route timetables to and from any city in the United States. Your Smartphone must have a data plan.

    Add this link to the Bookmarks in your Smartphone's web browser.

    Smartphone Flight Schedule App Benefits
  • Access current schedules anytime from your Smartphone
  • Look up flights by specific airlines, dates, times, origins and destinations
  • Click on the hyperlink of a flight you wish to take to learn more details
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