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Persons with Disabilities
  Persons with Disabilities

The Colorado Springs Airport is fully committed to making certain that travelers with disabilities have a pleasurable trip. All of the airport's parking lots, elevators, restrooms, restaurants, retail shops and security screening area are well equipped with facilities to accommodate disabled patrons. For additional information about specific disability needs, please refer to the information below. Feel free to contact the airport with any questions you may have by picking up a white courtesy phone while at the airport or by calling (719) 550-1918 or (719) 550-1919 before arriving.

Airport Security
Drop Off and Pick Up
Ground Transportation
Medical Concerns


The TSA operates the airport's security checkpoints. Normally, access beyond the concourse checkpoint is limited to ticketed passengers only. Relatives or friends providing assistance to a person with a disability, but not flying with them, may obtain a pass from their respective airline that will allow them passage through security. TSA security personnel will work with disabled passengers to provide the most convenient and secure way of handling individual security screening. Passengers with disabilities, including those with pacemakers, should advise TSA security personnel of any special needs prior to screening.


Passengers with disabilities should advise their airline at the time of booking of any special needs or assistance required. This allows the airlines to pre-arrange for personnel or equipment to assist at the airport and onboard the aircraft.

To access airline phone numbers, click here


All passengers, including those with disabilities, may be dropped off or picked up curbside at the terminal on both the upper and lower levels. No waiting or parking is allowed at curbside and vehicles should never be left unattended. Unattended vehicles will be cited and towed.


All levels of the Colorado Springs Airport are accessible by way of elevators. These elevators are located in the center of the airport, which are conveniently located near the security checkpoint on the upper level and baggage claim on the lower level. Additional elevators are located on the east and west ends of the terminal building.


A variety of ground transportation providers serve Colorado Springs Airport 24 hours a day, with ability to transport and assist those with disabilities. It is advisable to call the transportation service provider in advance to ensure that the necessary equipment is dispatched.

To access ground transportation information, click here


Please advise TSA security personnel of any specific medical issues that could be an issue during the screening process. Examples would include a pacemaker or other implanted medical devices, diabetes supplies and injection equipment or any other special medical supplies or devices. Additional information about medical issues and security is available on the TSA Web Site, travelers with special needs pages. It is also important to advise your airline of any special medical concerns at the time of booking. For example, anyone needing supplemental oxygen during travel must order it ahead of time and purchase the oxygen from the airline. Be sure to ask your carrier, since not all airlines provide oxygen service.


All parking lots at the Colorado Springs Airport have handicapped spaces available. In addition, many airport shuttle buses are lift equipped. Airport bus drivers will assist with boarding and exiting the bus between your parked car and the ticket counter or from the baggage claim area back to your parked car.

To access parking information, click here


All of the public restrooms at the Colorado Springs Airport are accessible to those with disabilities.


TDD/TTY public telephones for the hearing-impaired are conveniently located throughout the Colorado Springs Airport. Each unit is marked with a TDD/TYY sign.


Public telephones are located throughout the terminal at Colorado Springs Airport. All locations feature telephones that are positioned for wheelchair access.


Wheelchairs, and personnel to assist with them, are available at the airport. Because airlines provide this service, it is always advisable to let your airline know of the need for a wheelchair at the time of booking. This will allow the airline to be ready to meet your needs when you arrive at the Colorado Springs Airport for departure or when you deplane upon arrival into Colorado Springs. When arriving at the Colorado Springs Airport to depart on a flight, let a skycap or ticket agent know of your need for a wheelchair.

To arrange for wheelchair van transportation, please call American Medical Response at (719) 636-2333. Non-emergent service is available 24/7.


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