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Enhance the Colorado Springs community through the establishment of a world-class business center that is both an attractive work environment and a dynamic economic engine.


The work completed during 2009 sets the stage for the most significant phase of development in the Airport Business Park thus far. With the completion of the environmental review process in July, the Airport was able to begin designing the main roadway connector in the park, which has been named Cresterra Parkway. When the roadway opens in 2010, it will provide access to hundreds of acres for new development. Once completed, Cresterra Parkway will be the main gateway to the park providing a new grand entrance to this master-planned business community. Corporate Office Properties Trust ("COPT"), the selected developer of the Airport Business Park, already has plans underway to capitalize on the new road with a new office building and a commercial service center, which includes new restaurants. As the second phase of development in the Business Park begins, we intend to build on the success of the first phase of development in the park, which saw the completion of three buildings totaling over 270,000 square feet. The park's first tenants, the Aerospace Corporation and Northrop Grumman currently employ nearly 400 people in the Airport Business Park.

For future phases of development in the Airport Business Park, the Colorado Springs Airport is very excited to be partnering with COPT, who has an extensive record of quality development. COPT has an exceptional property management group that has won three consecutive national awards for customer service. They have also received a national award for their commitment to environmental leadership through the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED's program. In addition, COPT's commitment to public art and architecturally interesting design will compliment the natural beauty of the Airport Business Park's sweeping Pikes Peak views.

The Airport Business Park offers companies the opportunity to locate in a unique master-planned environment within a great community; all with the added benefit of immediate proximity to a commercial service airport. New class-A office space is anticipated to be available in late 2010, and with over 250 acres remaining, there are plenty of great sites for your project.

-John Faulkner, AAE


  • September 2007, The Aerospace Corporation becomes first Business Park tenant upon completing their 78,000 sf class-A office building.
  • April 2008, Northrop Grumman occupies a 125,000 class-A office building owned by Lowe Enterprises.
  • September 2008, Airport initiates design of major north/south collector. Project scheduled for construction in 2009.
  • October 2008, Corps of Engineers completes Arrival and Departure Airfield Control Group complex, which includes over 70,000 square feet of building and forty acres of aircraft ramp.
  • July 2009, Supplemental Environmental Assessment approved for the main north to south connector road in the Business Park, named Cresterra Parkway.
  • August 2009, Bud Breckner Boulevard is dedicated in the Business Park in honor of the former Airport Advisory Commissioner.
  • October 2009, Airport completes preliminary design on Cresterra Parkway.

  • January 2010, Anticipated design completion for Cresterra Parkway.
  • Spring 2010, Anticipated beginning of construction for Cresterra Parkway with completion scheduled in early 2011.
  • Spring 2011, Anticipated request for proposals for developer and operator of a 230-acre golf course and retail location.

    Dan Gallagher, Aviation Assistant Director, Planning and Development

    Colorado Springs Airport
    7770 Milton E. Proby Parkway, Suite 50
    Colorado Springs, CO 80916

    phone: (719) 550-1904
    fax: (719) 550-1901


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