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Public Safety Sales Tax Oversight Committee - Minutes     
Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Committee members in attendance: Richard Hansen, Ronald Ruckdeschel (left at 5:38), Tim Cassibry, Joe Pelka, Winfield Pate, Marjorie Smith, Veronica Sheldon on conference phone. 

Committee members absent: Randle Case II, Cindy Corsaro, Pat McElderry, Daniel Mullin

Others present: Sue Autry/CSPD, Nancy McCauley/CSPD, Leslie Hickey/CSFD, Ken Hughlett/CSFD, Jena Rakoczy/CSPD

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 4:35 p.m.

Citizen Comment: No citizen comment.

Approval of Minutes:

MOTION: Vice-Chair J. Pelka asked for approval of the minutes from the April 6, 2011 meeting.  R. Ruckdeschel requested that "RMS" be written out for clarification.  It was also brought to attention that the information regarding the engine at station #6 was incorrect.  K. Hughlett stated it should read, "The Fire Department was also asked if the engine causing the carbon monoxide (CO) issue would be refurbished".  J. Rakoczy stated she would make the corrections.  M. Smith moved to approve the minutes and R. Ruckdeschel seconded the motion with the corrections.  There was no more discussion and the motion passed by a 6-0-1 vote; R. Hansen abstained.


Welcome Back

The Committee welcomed L. Hickey back to the PSSTOC.  L. Hickey explained that she had taken N. Rikoski's position at the CSFD on June 27.  She also stated that she would now be the point of contact there for the PSSTOC. 


Old Business and Updates:

Department Updates

Budget and Fire - Leslie Hickey

L Hickey stated that the Budget Office was in contact with all of the City Departments.  She stated they were getting the  budget information ready to be sent out in electronic form this year.  She stated she was anticipating mid-October for the Committee to give the City Council their presentation. 


L. Hickey referenced the handout and stated that sales tax revenue was up from last year, 2010.  She stated that the indoor air quality improvements were expected to be completed by the end of the month for stations 11 & 13. 


L. Hickey stated that the Fire Departments thinks there will be money for Station 21 from the year-end savings.  There are no set details at this time and she is hoping to have a better idea on the funding by next month.  She stated that they are hoping to begin construction in 2012, however there is no clear picture as to when.  L. Hickey stated that Station 21 would be located at Dublin and Marksheffel Road.  She stated this station would service the developing northern Stetson Hills area and they are anticipating receiving up to 900 calls for service per year.   


Police - Nancy McCauley

As Joe Curro, Police Logistics Support Manager, was unable to attend the meeting he asked if N. McCauley would update the Committee regarding the Stetson Hills Substation structural problems.  The structural engineer reported that there has been no movement at the substation for two years.  It was reported that there are some visible cracks however any structural or hazardous problems have been fixed and stabilized.


N. McCauley stated that the Records Management System communications server has been installed.  She stated that this is designed to meet the Police Department's needs.  She stated that the user groups have been identified and there would be training for them.  She stated the next steps were to design and continue training.  She added that New World Systems is working to move the historical data to the new system.    N. McCauley stated that the Records Management Systems Field Reporting System would be implemented into the patrol cars in January 2012.


N. McCauley stated the Police Department was waiting for information from the Budget Office.  She stated they had asked that the IT Analyst position, which is grant funded, be reinstated.  She added that this position was needed for the daily maintenance for the Records Management System and to also help with a very long wish list of modules for the system.  She stated that the funds from the Records & ID vacant data entry positions would  be converted to help fund the maintenance of the system. 


S. Autry was asked what the response was from the police officers to the new Records Management System.  She stated that police officers were excited about the new system as it will streamline their work.  She added that it will also help them as the Department is short staffed. 



Discussion & Action Items

·         J. Pelka stated that C. Corsaro submitted her resignation as of August 1st.  He also stated that P. McElderry would not be extending his term with the Committee.  J. Pelka asked if anyone knew when the positions would be posted and added that he thought these were the Citizen at Large and District 1 positions.  It was asked if any of the previous applications could be applied to these positions.  It was recognized that the applications would only be for the Citizen at Large.  It was suggested that the Committee solicit retired public safety personnel as their previous working knowledge would be helpful to have on the Committee. 

·         The Committee decided that after the Budget Office sent out numbers and there was a better idea of the budget, the presentation would be made to City Council.   J. Pelka asked that everyone begin to think about the presentation so it can be worked on during the September’s meeting.  It was noted that last year's presentation was short and well received therefore only slight changes would need to be made to the slides this year.  It was asked that the presentation be kept to 10 slides or less as City Council's standard was eight minutes.  It was also noted that last year's format worked well and there did not seem to be a need to change it.  It was stated that the Committee did not want to overwhelm the new City Council and new Mayor.  The suggestion was made that one person from the Committee present the slides one on one with the Mayor

·         R. Hanson was recognized for his work with the 'Keeping the Community Safe' section of the 2011 OL1 publication.  He stated that in June he and his wife were motivators in a community-wide evacuation drill.  He stated that it seemed to be a success with good feed back. 

·         M. Smith stated that at the CONO meeting high praise was given to the wildland-urban interface.

·         K. Hughlett was recognized for his work in volunteering in Joplin, MO after the tornados hit there on May 22.  K. Hughlett stated that he learn a lot during his time there from just doing what needed to be done and supporting the people coordinating the clean-up/rescue efforts.  He stated that he was happy to be there just to help.     


Next Meeting Date - Wednesday, September 7, 2011



The meeting was adjourned at 6:12 p.m.



Notes:  The minutes of the meeting were taken by J. Rakoczy.  Any omissions or corrections should be brought to the Chairperson's attention at the next PSSTOC meeting.