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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


                                                                                    TPAC Members

                                                                                    Chair Justin Burns

                                                                                    Vice-Chair Mark Ewell

MINUTES                                                                    Secretary Amber Robinson

August 16, 2011                                                         Russ Fertitta

7:30 a.m.  9:00 a.m.                                                    Marshall Tuttle

City Administration Building, 30 S. Nevada            David King

Avenue, Suite 701                                                     Michael Peltier

Colorado Springs, CO                                                Vacant (Regular)

                                                                                    Vacant (Regular)

                                                                                    Vacant (Alternate)


Present: TPAC Members: Justin Burns, Mark Ewell, Amber Robinson, Marshall Tuttle, Russ Fertitta, David King, Michael Peltier

Absent: NA

Staff: Kathy Lake

Guest:   Bonnie Moeder Colorado Springs Utilities, Dave Bryan Falcon Broadband, Brandy Williams City Council, Aimee Cox City Council Liaison, Sharon Foster NCGI


INTRODUCTIONS: All TPAC members and guests in attendance were



A quorum was present and the meeting was called to order at 7:35 a.m.



Ms. Amber Robinson moved to approve July minutes, as amended. Mr. David King seconded the motion, all were in approval and the motion passed.



Change to bylaws

Mr. Justin Burns updated the TPAC on his August 8th presentation at the informal City Council meeting. Ms. Brandy Williams provided feedback that City Council would like to keep TPAC going with name change to 'Technology Advisory Committee'.  Mr. Burns reviewed the list of recommended TPAC tasks, assigned these tasks to committee members and will prioritize these and present at future City Council meeting, suggesting that the list be re-prioritized bi-annually. Limiting future term limits of TPAC members to 2 years, with a maximum of 3-2 year terms was suggested.  Ms. Aimee Cox will discuss bylaw changes with City Attorney and see if these can be voted in by TPAC or if Council must pass a resolution.  

Mr. Marshall Tuttle made motion to change the TPAC's name to 'Technology Advisory Committee'. Mr. Michael Peltier seconded the motion, members voted and all but 1 member was in favor and the motion passed.




 Cable Video Franchise Updates  

     Comcast  not present, no report

     Falcon Broadband  Mr. Dave Bryan had nothing new to report


New Technologies no report


TPAC Website  Mr. Russ Fertitta updated the TPAC on the changes he made to the TPAC website.



         Legislative Matters Sub-Committee  no report

         Franchise Performance Sub-Committee no report

         Bylaws Sub-Committee  modification of the bylaws continues and the final changes will be presented at the September TPAC meeting and then presented to Council in October.

         Websites for comparable cities Sub-Committee  Ms. Robinson has a list of comparable cities and will assign as deliverable


NEW BUSINESS Sub-Committee action items listed above. Mr. Burns to invite Councilman Tim Leigh to October TPAC meeting to discuss the concept of "City of Connectivity"


Mr. Tuttle announced that he is resigning from TPAC and the September meeting will be his last. Mr. Fertitta reminded the TPAC his term expires October 2011 and he will be out of town in October, therefore September will be the last meeting he attends.

ADJOURN:  9:00 am