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Tuesday, February 08, 2011


February 8, 2011


Call to Order

Chairman Jerry Voegele called the meeting of the Colorado Springs Civil Service Commission to order on Tuesday, February 8, 2011 at the City Administration Building, 30 S. Nevada Avenue, Suite 102, at 9:03 am.


Commissioners present:  Thomas Exum, William Green, Fran Pitaro, and Jerry Voegele

Commissioner absent:   Peg LeClair


Approval of January Minutes

Commissioner Green moved to approve the minutes from the January 4, 2011, Civil Service Commissioners? Meeting.  Commissioner Pitaro 2nd the motion.  The Commission unanimously approved the minutes.


Removal of Fire Officer III and Fire Instructor II certification from requirements for Fire Battalion Chief

Fire Chief Raider requested the removal of the Fire Officer III and the Fire Instructor II certification for the Fire Battalion Chief. Colorado Springs is the only fire department in the state that requires a Bachelor?s degree and the FO3 and FI2 certifications.  Commissioner Green made a motion that the new battalion chief requirements be amended to reflect A, B and D, eliminating the Fire Officer III and Fire Instructor II requirements.  Commissioner Exum 2nd the motion. The Commission unanimously approved the motion.


Impact of the removal of the EMT Requirement for Entry-level Firefighter, Including Results

Due to the one-time removal of the EMT requirement, Chief Raider stated that CSFD exceeded their recruitment standards.  While more minorities applied, the overall result did not result as expected.  The first two bands of 78 people all scored in the 99th percentile, seven of whom were minorities.  This did not result in more minorities in bands A and B.  The next testing period will require the EMT requirements.


Classification and Rule Change (6.4) for the Rank of Deputy Chief

Attorney Richard Radabaugh, Fire Association Local 5 and the Police Protection Agency (PPA), drafted changes to Civil Service Rule 6.4 to offer civil service protection to the Deputy Chiefs.  The City Ordinance will need to be changed to accommodate this modification of the Civil Service Rules.  Mr. Radabaugh and Ginger Jeffery, will research the necessary changes.


Pete Tomitsch, president of the PPA, endorsed the changes, stating that it increases the pool of applicants. Additionally, it provides the Deputy Chiefs basic protection and helps protect the department from political influence and possible corruption.


Jeremy Kroto, representing Fire Association Local 5, endorsed the changes stating it allows for the retention of institutional knowledge.


Commissioner Exum made a motion that the 6.4 changes be approved as written, Commissioner Pitaro second the motion. The Commission unanimously approved the motion.  (City Council approved the rule change on March 8, 2011.)


Method of Selecting from the Police Commander Promotional Employment List

Sue Autry, Police Management Service Commander addressed the rule of five for the Police Commander Selection Process.  This method provides more flexibility in the selection process and it substantially meets the requirement for the Civil Service process.  Within the organization, the Police Chief, Deputy Chiefs and the PPA support this.


Peter Tomitsch stated that the PPA would have been opposed to this if it were not limited to the commander level.  With the state of the organization as it is right now, the PPA supports this.


Commissioner Pitaro made a motion to adopt the rule of five for the selection of police commander.  Commissioner Exum second the motion, which was approved unanimously by the Commissioners.


Other Business

Chairman Voegele would like a chairperson elected at the next meeting.



Commissioner Voegele made a motion to adjourn the meeting that was 2nd by Commissioners Pitaro and Exum.  Chairman Voegele adjourned the meeting at 9:43 am.


Minutes approved by the Civil Service Commission on     April 5, 2011