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Tuesday, January 04, 2011


January 4, 2011




Call to Order

Chairman Jerry Voegele called the meeting of the Colorado Springs Civil Service Commission to order on Tuesday, January 4, 2011 at the City Administration Building, 30 S. Nevada Avenue, Suite 102, at 8:32 am.


Commissioners present:  Thomas Exum, William Green, Peg LeClair, Fran Pitaro, and Jerry Voegele


Approval of November and December 2010 Minutes

Commissioner Pitaro moved to approve the minutes from the November 2, 2010, Civil Service Commissioners? Meeting and the December 7, 2010 teleconference.  Commissioner LeClair 2nd the motion.  The Commission unanimously approved the minutes.


Police Commander?s Exam

Sue Autry, Commander of CSPD Management Services, discussed the testing components for the commander?s examination provided by National Testing Network, Inc. also known as Ergometrics. The proposed promotional components for the exam are as follows:

         Professional History (50 points out of 100)

         Assessment Center (40 points out of 100)

o    Organizational Exercise (17 points), Oral Presentation Exercise (17 points), Written Exercise (6 points)

         Chief?s Interview (10 points out of 100)

Commissioner Green made a motion to approve the proposed entry-level police officer examination plan, including thresholds for the front line test components and the physical ability test and the weighing of test components to determine the candidates overall composite score.  Commissioner LeClair 2nd the motion. The Commission unanimously approved the motion.


Other Business

Sue Autry requested a special meeting on February 1, 2011 in order to approve the CSPD commander selection process.


Robin Rodgers, of the Police Protection Agency may have an item to present at the February 1st meeting.



Commissioner Voegele made a motion to adjourn the meeting that was 2nd by Commissioners LeClair and Pitaro.  Chairman Voegele adjourned the meeting at 9:19 am.



Minutes approved by the Civil Service Commission on     2/8/11