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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010
Committee members in attendance: Daniel Mullin, J. Pelka, Marjorie Smith (left at 5:56 p.m.), Ronald Ruckdeschel, Patrick McElderry, Winfield Pate
Committee members absent: Randle Case, Tim Cassibry, Cindy Corsaro, Veronica Shelton
Others present: Nina Rikoski/CSFD, Nancy McCauley/CSPD, Joe Curro/CSPD, Ken Hughlett/CSFD, Jena Rakoczy/CSPD
Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Chairman D. Mullin at 4:33 p.m.
Citizen Comment: No citizen comment.
Approval of Minutes:
MOTION: A request to approve the minutes from the October 13th meeting was made. It was noted that there was a question as to what was stated at the end of that meeting just prior to adjournment. The statement that the next meeting 'would also be a good time to vote on new officers' was updated. J. Pelka moved to approve the meeting minutes with the notation, M. Smith seconded and P. McElderry abstained. The vote passed 6-0-1 with one abstaining.
Old Business and Updates:
Discussion of Council Budget Update.
N. Rikoski stated the first reading of the budget will be November 23rd. She stated that the fire and police departments were awarded one-time money. The police department will utilize the money towards a new Records Management System. The fire department will utilize the money towards a recruit academy for replacement of vacant slots and also for heart monitors. N. Rikoski referenced the hand out for further updates for the fire department.
N. McCauley stated that with this one time money and many grants being awarded, CSPD will be able to begin implementation of the new Records Management System that should cut down on paperwork in the Records & ID Section.
Discussion & Action Items
D. Mullin stated that he has been in contact with V. Shelton via e-mail. He stated he welcomed her to the PSSTOC on behalf of the committee. D. Mullin stated that at this time V. Shelton has a medical condition which will render her unavailable until February or March of 2011. D. Mullin stated that V. Shelton will be staying in contact with the committee via e-mail. D. Mullin also stated that the committee supports her.   
D. Mullin stated that the City Council seemed to like the PSSTOC presentation. It was short, with clean slides showing different information on each.
J. Pelka had requested that a discussion about service to City enclaves be added to the agenda. N. Rikoski addressed the question and other committee members asked questions. N. Rikoski provided some summary information on responses regarding the enclaves and the associated costs. She informed the committee that the issue of the enclaves has been under consideration by the fire department for some time.
R. Hansen asked when new officers are usually voted in. As this topic was not on the agenda it was decided that voting in new officers would be added to the agenda for the next meeting in February, 2011.
K. Hughlett offered the Fire Department Complex-West as a new meeting place however it was decided that the meetings would stay at the Police Operations Center. The Fire Department Complex-West would be the alternate meeting place.

Next Meeting Date - February 2, 2011

The meeting was adjourned at 6:03 p.m.
Notes: The minutes of the meeting were taken by J. Rakoczy. Any omissions or corrections should be brought to the Chairperson's attention at the next PSSTOC meeting.