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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010
Committee members in attendance: Marjorie Smith, Randy Case, Daniel Mullin, Winfield Pate, Richard Hansen, Joe Pelka, Ronald Ruckdeschel, Tim Cassibry
Committee members absent: Cindy Corsaro, Pat McElderry, Frank O'Donnell
Others present: Bernie Herpin/City Council, DC Pete Carey/CSPD, Commander Sue Autry/CSPD, Nina Rikoski/CSFD-CSPD, Nancy McCauley/CSPD, Joe Curro/CSPD, Ken Hughlett/CSFD and Jena Rakoczy/CSPD
Call to Order: Chairman Daniel Mullin called the meeting to order at 4:31 p.m. J. Pelka asked the new liaison to introduce himself to the Committee. Ken Hughlett introduced himself as the new liaison to the PSSTOC and gave a summary of his work history.
Citizen Comment: No citizen comment.
Approval of Minutes:
MOTION: Chairman D. Mullin moved to approve the minutes from the February 3, 2010 meeting as written. R. Hansen stated that he thought the motion to submit a letter to City Council regarding the issue of J. Pelka and R. Case being retained was originally made by Pat McElderry then Tim Cassibry modified the wording. Chairman Mullin made a motion to change the wording and J.Pelka seconded. The change was sent for a vote and the vote was approved unanimously, 8-0 to approve the February 3, 2010 minutes with one change.  (Minutes were updated on June 25, 2010)
Old Business and Updates:
Department Updates
Budget/Fire/Police ? Nina Rikoski
Budget - N. Rikoski referenced the handouts in the meeting agenda. Due to recent personnel changes, regular updates from the Budget Office will not be available. Fire and Police staff will provide general updates on the budget as attached. If the committee requests specific updates, we may schedule a staff member from the City Finance Office to attend the meeting. N. Rikoski directed attention to the Sales Tax Report and explained that it shows February and March with February reporting the January 2010 sales. She explained that this report is typically a month behind. She stated the report shows sales taxes are up compared to 2009 but that it is too early to celebrate, yet there is hope that the numbers will continue to improve. N. Rikoski explained the List of Obligations vs. Budget by Group and Unit spreadsheet and stated that if more details are needed, they would be provided.
Fire - N. Rikoski stated at the February 3rd meeting she had said the Fire Department had submitted a grant application. The Fire Department did not receive the grant and the money that was set aside will go to station upgrades. N. Rikoski then introduced J. Curro from the Police Department to discuss the Stetson Hills warranty issue.
Police - Joe Curro, Police Logistics Support Manager
J. Curro stated the history of the warranty issues at the Stetson Hills Substation shows it was built to specs. There are cracks 1-1/4 inch wide in the northwest and northeast parts of the building. Two repair options were suggested from the general contractor. The first option was to monitor movement of the building. Subsequently from May 7, 2008 to March 24, 2009 quarterly surveys were done by calibrating the movement of the building. The results of the 2009 observations showed that no new slab movement had been detected; there was no more separation and the cracks were holding at the 1-1/4 inch. It was determined that the situation was be evaluated on a continuing basis He stated that the general contractor determined the building would have movement up to two (2) years after being built; the building would be settled next year, 2011. The second option was to make seven (7) borings in the building?s maintenance bay. Two (2) core drillings down to 25 feet at the cost of $16,000.00 have already been done. Nothing of concern was found. The remaining five (5) borings would cost an additional $15,000.00. The issue of mud jacking was addressed. J. Curro stated that mud jacking may or may not work. It could be done but the findings might be inconclusive, again there would be no guarantees. It was also determined that if the mud jacking was done it would be disruptive to the staff in the building and there would be an extra cost. The concern was addressed about any structure issues and if the cracks could be fixed. J. Curro stated that at this time there were no safety issues and that the cracks were sealed filled. When asked if there could be any recourse in the future, J. Curro stated if any recourse needed to be taken in the future, the additional 5 (five) borings would need to be done. He added that the cracks were stated in the original inspection of the building.
Discussion & Action Items
   Chairman Mullin addressed the topic of term limit extensions. He stated that he had contacted City Council Vice-Mayor Small who thought that term limit extensions where against an ordinance but did not specify which ordinance. The topic was addressed that with the other fifty (50) boards and committees in the City and if others will come to the same idea regarding term limit extensions, would this cause problems for City Council. City Council Member Berne Herpin was asked to comment. Councilman Herpin stated that he did not know of an ordinance which stated a term limit. He stated he would ask Vice-Mayor Small which committees had term limits. Councilman Herpin also stated that only one response was received from the advertisement for a PSSTOC member position. He stated he would suggest that the member up for term limit be retained until replaced. The concern was addressed that retaining members would preclude people from volunteering. After further discussion, it was decided to ask City Council to remove ?at the expiration? in the Rules and Regulations, Section 2 of the Terms of Service dated March 2002. After City Council removed this statement, then the Committee would remove it from their Rules and Regulations. The motion was made by T. Cassibry and R. Hansen seconded the motion. The motion was passed 0-6-2; R. Case and J.Pelka abstained.   
    The issue that the PSSTOC Committee would continue to be perceived as an oversight committee and not an activist committee was brought forth. M. Smith stated she wanted to make sure that the Committee?s mission was to enhance response time for fire and police, not in a staff role but keeping as an oversight for expenditures. R. Case stated that the main role of the PSSTOC is as an oversight committee but as was stated in the February 3rd meeting, the activities of the PSSTOC could expect to taper off as the capital projects were tapering off. Therefore he would like to ask City Council if they had any suggestions for the Committee to become active as another committee with a new structure and a new purpose.     
    Chairman Mullin introduced Councilman Bernie Herpin. Councilman Herpin stated that he would like to ask the Committee?s help by supporting the CONO (Councils of Neighborhoods and Organizations) and their president, Dave Munger. Councilman Herpin explained that CONO would be presenting to City Council a 5-year 1 cent sales tax increase. This sales increase would go only to public safety; it is very specific and very limited. Councilman Herpin stated he was asking the Committee to become an advocate, to back CONO and asked for their consideration. The Committee discussed how the PSST-2 would affect public safety and if there would be lay-offs in five (5) years after the second/additional sales tax expires.   The Committee discussed issues to make sure that the presentation would not be watered down and would not have any open-ended issues. Councilman Herpin suggested that Chairman Mullin contact D. Munger or have a few of the Committee members meet with the CONO members to discuss what to present to City Council. DC P. Carey stated that CONO usually meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Colorado Springs Senior Center.
    At the third quarter meeting, the presentation to City Council in October will be discussed.   The final numbers will be in by September.
Next Meeting Date - July 7, 2010
The meeting was adjourned at 6:02 p.m.
Notes: The minutes of the meeting were taken by J. Rakoczy. Any omissions or corrections should be brought to the Chairperson's attention at the next PSSTOC meeting.