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Public Art Commission - Minutes     
Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Present: Michael Whitley, Jay Miller, Marica Hefti, Tara Thomas, Kim Polomka, Suzanne Cassagrande, Lara Garritano

Absent: Sallie Clark, Jan Martin Visitors: Diann Butlak & husband Chair Whitley calls meeting to order at 4:01

Chair Whitley delays approval of Feb 16 minutes pending arrival of a quorum.

Downtown Parking Garage Mural: Diann Butlak presents information relative to a mural to be painted on the second floor of the parking garage located at the corner of Nevada & Colorado. The structure has lots of empty walls, and the parking manager, Greg Warnke, would like to see something develop, which he sees as a revenue generator through increased use of the parking structure. Several organizations have been contacted for assistance, but none has surfaced, including no funding. Given the lack of funding, professional muralists are not feasible, but instead, students at PPCC have been approached, with one possible painter. This painter has suggested two designs, one based on Olympic themes and the other an owl image that could start a birds of prey theme. Either image meets with the agreement of the parking manager. The muralist would be compensated $250 plus the cost of supplies. Discussion ensued with regard to which theme best fits the location, with the Olympic theme being slightly preferred, especially given that the OC will be renting spaces in this garage. It was suggested that contact be made with: Olympic Committee, Downtown Development Authority, Community Foundation, and Bee Vradenburg for possible support. Chair Whitley notes that there is an informal OK from the Commission, but the project will have to come back after the ideas are more fully fleshed out. Ms. Butlak will have materials turned in in time for the April 20 meeting.

Advertisement for New Members: Brief discussion of advertising for new members. It was determined that currently, the membership is:

PPAC Rep: Marica Hefti

AIA Rep: Mike Whitley

FAC Rep: Tara Thomas Higher

Ed Rep: Vacant

Artist Reps: Jay Miller, 2 vacancies

Neighborhood Reps: Kim Polomka, Suzanne Cassagrande, and Vacant

Lara Garritano has applied for the vacant Neighborhood Rep position, so we need to advertise for a Higher Ed rep and 2-artist reps. Chair Whitley will contact the city to find out how to do this.

Art Commission Goals: Chair Whitley defers this item until later in the meeting.

Discussion Items During Meetings: In reference to the "Sub-Committee Action Items portion of the agenda, Chair Whitley hopes to limit these to items that affect, or could affect the Commission itself. During discussion it was pointed out that this is where we could add reps from the Parks Board and COPPeR.

City Council and County Commissioner Updates: Chair Whitley will contact both the Council and the Commissioners to find out how to get on their agendas for the purpose of periodic reports from the Arts Commission. Discussion ensues relative to how to keep communication channels open as much as possible, which will include emailing agendas and perhaps minutes, and ensuring that minutes are on the City?s website.

Art Commission Goals: Chair Whitley opens discussion of hiring a facilitator to help us to focus on our purpose and role. Lara Garritano notes that we can apply now to the CCA for assistance from their peer-assistance network. Cost to us would be $50 plus housing, if needed. We can pick our own facilitator, and it is suggested that we could pick someone from out of town for a fresh perspective. If we apply now, we may be able to move forward on this item in June or July.

Approval of Minutes: Having attained a quorum, the minutes from the Feb 16 meeting were discussed. It was noted that the date on the minutes is 2007, and it should be changed to 2010. Minutes unanimously approved with that change.

Meeting adjourned at 5:16