City of Colorado Springs / Commissions & Committees / Public Safety Sales Tax Oversight Committee

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Committee members in attendance: Pat McElderry (4:38), Tim Cassibry, Cindy Corsaro, Marjorie Smith, Richard Hansen, Daniel Mullin, Randle Case II, Frank O'Donnell, Ronald Ruckdeschel, Joe Pelka
Committee members absent: Winfield Pate
Others present: Leslie Hickey/Financial Services Division, Nina Rikoski/CSFD, Nancy McCauley/CSPD. Cassie Beckey/CSFD and Jena Rakoczy/CSPD
Call to Order: Chairman Richard Hansen called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m. Chairman Hansen asked everyone to introduce themselves as Ms. Rakoczy was new to the Committee.
Citizen Comment: No citizen comment.
Approval of Minutes:
MOTION: Chairman Hansen moved to approve the minutes from the October 7, 2009 meeting, as written. R. Case stated that the date needed to be changed at the top of the second page. C. Beckey stated she would get it corrected. M. Smith seconded. There was no more discussion and the motion passed by a 9-0-1 vote; J. Pelka abstained.

Election of New Chairman and Co-Chairman:
MOTION: Chairman Hansen asked for nominations for the new chairman and vice-chairman as this was his and M. Smith's last meeting as Chair/Vice-Chair. Daniel Mullin (Chair) and Cindy Corsaro (Vice-Chair) were nominated unanimously. R. Case asked that the nominations be closed and F. O'Donnell seconded. The nominations were sent for a vote and the vote was approved unanimously, 8-0-2, D. Mullin and C. Corsaro abstained.

Old Business and Updates:
Department Updates
Budget - Leslie Hickey
L. Hickey provided handouts and a brief overview of the current budget conditions. November and December sales tax figures were positive but down 6-1/2% compared to prior years. Expenses were keeping up with revenues. The 2011 reduction packages expect a $27 million shortfall to the General Fund. L. Hickey stated that this is the last PSSTOC meeting she will be attending as she accepted a position in the City Auditor's Office. She is not aware of a replacement at this time but is confident that if there are any questions, the PSSTOC can make the request to the Budget Team and one of them will attend a meeting.  L. Hickey was asked how the PSSTOC could be more productive. She stated that when the committee was started the number of capital projects was high but now it is tapering off. She stated this was to be expected and that the activities of the PSSTOC could also be expected to taper off. She stated that the committee is important but that due to the economy, there are currently no capital projects and the need for an active oversight committee has lessened. However, once the economy turns around and sales tax revenue increases, there is hope that the remaining capital projects will get underway and then there will be a need for an active PSSTOC.  Should the PSSTOC choose to expand its mandate (with City Council concurrence) by playing a more active role in advocating for public safety, that might require a more active committee as well.

Fire - Nina Rikoski
N. Rikoski provided handouts regarding the ventilation improvements and the CSFD 2009 and 2010 budgets. N. Rikoski stated that there are no target projects and they are looking at more cuts in 2011 in hopes to sustain the department until the economy improves. She stated that the Department submitted a grant application to remodel Station 1 and build a new Station 21 but most of the money has been awarded and the CSFD has yet to receive any monies. N. Rikoski discussed the PSST 10 year plan and stated that no decisions for changes in deployment have been made due to reduction levels.

Police - Nancy McCauley
N. McCauley stated that for 2010 there were funds to sustain the current positions. She did state that due to the projected short fall in 2011, 10 more positions - whether sworn or civilian - would be cut as there are no other places to make the cuts. In regard to the Stetson Hills concrete testing, testing had been completed but at this time there is no answer available as to whether the cost to fix the concrete would be at the contractor's or City's expense.

Discussion & Action Items
                  D. Mullin requested that term limits (3 years / 2 terms) which were set by City Council in 2002 be taken to the mayor and City Council requesting a change. It was questioned since the terms were set by City Council for all committees if changing the terms for the PSSTOC would affect all committees. Points of discussion were:
o    Vice-Mayor Small had stated in the past there was not a lack of applications.
o    There are fewer meetings are planned this year therefore what is the PSSTOC going to be actually overseeing.
o    When term limit members leave, they take their experience and knowledge with them leaving new members without the opportunity to transfer in smoothly
o    Are there enough qualified citizens to interview and fill the 3 vacating positions
o    Should those term limit members serve until they are replaced
o    Would those term limit members be willing to come to meetings in the capacity of civilians and sit 'on the other side' of the table bringing ideas to the PSSTOC

MOTION: A motion was made by Pat McElderry to submit a letter to City Council which Tim Cassibry then modified the wording.  The letter submited to City Council would state, "The PSST Oversight Committee recommends to City Council that Joe Pelka and Randy Case II, be considered for reappointment via the interview process with other citizens who apply and with City Council concurrence that they be selected for an additional 3-year term." C. Corsaro seconded the motion. The motion was passed by a 6-0-2 vote; J. Pelka and R. Case abstained.

Next Meeting Date - May 5, 2010
The meeting was adjourned at 6:12 p.m.

Notes: The minutes of the meeting were taken by J. Rakoczy.  Any omissions or corrections should be brought to the Chairperson's attention at the next PSSTOC meeting.