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Public Art Commission - Minutes     
Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Present: Michael Whitley, Jay Miller, Marica Hefti, Tara Thomas, Kim Polomka, Suzanne Cassagrande, Jan Martin, Matt Mayberry (staff)

Absent: Sallie Clark, Lara Garritano, Kelly Jackson

Visitors: Mary Mashburn, Eve Tilley, Bettina Swigger, Douglas Rouse

Chair Whitley calls meeting to order at 4:01

Chair Whitley requests comments on minutes of meeting from November 17, 2009. Having no changes, the minutes stand approved as read.

Chair Whitley begins conversation regarding future of the Art Commission by reviewing options currently available, which include:

  1. Cease to exist Fold in the responsibilities with the Parks Board
  2. Seek county support for clerical duties
  3. Use an outside organization, e.g. PPAC or COPPeR to perform duties
  4. Continue without outside support.

Chair Whitley restates the purpose of the AC as that of serving in an advisory capacity to City Council and the County Commissioners. We have also provided some support activities for other organizations, but these are additional to our role as defined in ordinance.

City Staff Matt Mayberry and Councilor Jan Martin clarify that the ACPPR is defined in City code and that whatever change takes place will have to be approved by City Council. Also, they recommend approaching the county for support since the Commission is supposed to be regional rather than City.

Brief discussion of the possibility of the AC doing any fundraising, City Staff person Matt Mayberry explains that there is no specific prohibition against it, but that Commission members cannot be required to engage in fundraising. Discussion of what funding will be needed, which includes possible marketing/advertising and printing costs. Councilor Jan Martin notes that the City will cover advertisements for applicants and that there is no intent to charge for space to meet.

Lengthy discussion of how interaction with the City may look going forward. Issues include need to be detached, but to do more to maintain contact with the City, and that perhaps contact with the City can be enhanced. Recognition that this change amounts to our doing our own housekeeping but is not a change in mission.

Commissioner Marica Hefti moves that we continue as is without the support of staff from the city. Second by Commissioner Kim Polomka. After further discussion, motion carries unanimously.

Chair Mike Whitley will put together a "to do" list of items that will need to be addressed in the coming months and will send the list out to all Commissioners. Next month?s agenda will probably come from this list.

Brief discussion of establishing a county contact other than Sallie Clark, issue will be put on the "to do" list.

Staff Matt Mayberry assures us that the Pikes Peak room is already reserved for the March meeting.

Chair Mike Whitley begins discussion of the Helios

Sculpture on the NE corner of Kiowa and Cascade. As we have been informed, one of the building owners does not like the piece and has asked that it be either modified or moved. He considers it somewhat of a blight, and that it does not speak well to the building. He also feels he was not adequately informed of the installation. He has suggested that the base, being so monolithic, could perhaps have some holes cut in it.

Discussions have taken place with the Downtown Partnership, who feels that the sculpture is site-specific and therefore cannot be moved. However, they remain open to ideas toward resolution. Both the Downtown Partnership and the building owner have declined to pay for any changes.

The artist has not yet been contacted. After discussion about possible solutions, it was recognized that this will be a difficult problem to resolve satisfactorily for all concerned. It was suggested that Chair Whitley contact the Downtown partnership to learn more about their thoughts on the issue.

Chair Whitley will do so and report back at the next meeting. Meeting was adjourned at 5:30