City of Colorado Springs / Commissions & Committees / Telecommunications Policy Advisory Committee (TPAC)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


January 19, 2010

7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.

City Administration Building, 30 S. Nevada Avenue, Suite 701

Colorado Springs, CO


Present:     TPAC Members: Russ Fertitta, Mark Ewell, Amber Robinson, Marshall Tuttle, Justin Burns, John Nuwer

Absent:      Jeff Eichers, Gerald Geyer

Staff:          Curlie Mathews, Jackie Julaton, Kathy Lake

Guests:      Dawn Roth-Colorado Springs Utilities, Chris Pratz-Zip Broadband, David Sered-Comcast





A quorum was present and the meeting was called to order at 7:36 a.m.



Mr. Russ Fertitta made a motion to approve the December minutes. Mr. John Nuwer seconded the motion, all were in approval, and the motion passed.



The Vacancy for the alternate position was discussed. Mr. Justin Burns recommended Mr. David Sered of Comcast to fill the position. A possible conflict of interest was mentioned and the TPAC agreed to ?recruit? alternates and then send the information to Vice Mayor Small?s office for screening.




Cable Video Franchise Updates


         Comcast:  Ms. Kathy Lake reported Comcast had 7 complaints for 4th quarter 2009.

         Falcon Broadband: No report.

         Zip Broadband:  Mr. Chris Pratz reported the head-end for Porchlight has been dismantled and they have no customers.


New Technologies

No update.


TPAC Website

No update.



Ms. Jackie Julaton reported that she has not received Jeff Eichers? Code of Ethics Acknowledgement form. Mr. Russ Fertitta will contact Mr. Eichers to follow up on this matter.


         Legislative Matters Sub-Committee

Mr. Gerry Geyer not in attendance. No report.

         Franchise Performance Sub-Committee

Mr. Gerry Geyer not in attendance. No report.


         Broadband Infrastructure Task Force: No Report



         Review, Planning and action status - TPAC support to City IT: No report.



         Other cities' eGov systems and capabilities: No report.


         Service Provider Letter: Mr. Russ Fertitta said he would allow 3 days for TPAC to suggest any changes to the letter before sending it to Vice Mayor Small?s office for final approval. Mr. Fertitta will also find out who should sign the letter (Mayor, Vice Mayor or TPAC Chair). The service provider letter will also be posted on the City?s website once it is approved. Ms. Jackie Julaton will facilitate with Vice Mayor Small signing the Service Provider letter.


Mr. John Nuwer made a motion to limit 3 providers per meeting. Ms. Amber Robinson seconded the motion. All were in approval and the motion passed.


         Future Projects: No Report.




         Mr. Justin Burns suggested making a revision to TPAC?s Bylaws to find ways to provide more value.

         Mr. David Sered requested to be added to the February agenda to speak about Comcast?s new initiative.


ADJOURN:  Mr. Tuttle made motion to adjourn, Mr. Burns seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 8:46 am.