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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Public Safety Sales Tax Oversight Committee
Meeting Minutes: Wednesday, August 6, 2008
City Hall, Academy Room, 107 N Nevada Ave
Committee members in attendance:
Richard Hansen, Frank O?Donnell, Winfield Pate, Joe Pelka, Ronald Ruckdeschel, Marjorie Smith

Committee members absent:
Randy Case II, Robert Gallagher, Cynthia Halsey, Bernie Herpin, Pat McElderry

Others present:
Dan Raider/CSFD, Nina Rikoski/CSFD, Bob Lund/CSFD, Sue Autry/CSPD, Sam Azad/CSPD, Joe Curro/CSPD, Todd Dodge/Budget, JoAnn Cox/Budget

Call to Order:
Chair Richard Hansen called the meeting to order at 4:31 p.m. New staff members Deputy Chief Dan Raider, CSFD, Sue Autry, Human Resources Manager, CSPD and Pete Carey, CSPD were introduced and welcomed.

Citizen Comment:
There were no citizens in attendance.
Approval of Minutes:
The Chair asked for approval of the minutes from the Jun 4, 2008 meeting. The committee reviewed and accepted the minutes.

MOTION:      Winfield Pate moves to approve the minutes as presented. Frank O?Donnell seconded. The motion to approve the minutes passed 6-0-0. (Joe Pelka stated that a slight correction needs to be fixed changing kptu?s to kbtu?s.)

Old Business:
Police Update: Joe Curro presented the Police update. The POC 1st floor carpet installation project is complete with a quality installation. Question asked regarding how the Police DNA lab accreditation process is moving along. The Pueblo?s CBI lab is currently being used for processing of all crime samples as it is unknown where the new crime lab is in the six month accreditation process. The new lab does perform test results during this accreditation process. Update on refurbished cruisers was given stating that a total of 9 cruisers have been received from Phil Long and are on the street. (Originally thought that eight cruisers could be refurbished, but actually nine were refurbished under budget.) Question asked about cost of refurbished vehicles. Each vehicle cost $11,000 versus a new cruiser price of $32,000. The vehicles are handling very well.

Fire Update: Bob Lund presented the Fire update. On Station 8 we are processing the final payment to the general contractor. On Station 17 the last part of the project has begun and estimated completion date is August 2008. The ventilation project at Station 2 is underway with scheduled completion in December 2008. No OSHA standard for HVAC refurbishment regarding diesel standards and an arbitrary number (higher then acceptable) was determined and used. All stations are now compliant with this number. A question was raised asking if the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) has a standard number for diesel particles. This was not checked into but will be looked at and further information will be given at next meeting. Suggestion was made to chart the progress of all projects for Council.

Deputy Chief Raider states that Station 1 conceptual design for moving the building to the middle of Pikes Peak and Weber?s West side is being presented before Council on Monday, August 25th. There are some major legal issues using the public right-of-way to move a building that is 40? wide and 100? long. It will take up one lane in both directions, reducing Pikes Peak to a two lane road West of Weber to Colorado. This will create a pedestrian gathering place with conceptual gardens, plaques and statuary. The idea is to create a historical walk through the history of Colorado Springs. This enhances the ?Live, Work and Play? community motto. No tax dollars will be used to do this. Mega Movers said that they could move this building (weighing up to 500 tons). The cost would be placed totally with the one of the five developers? that said they were interested in moving the old building. Once the Station 1 is either moved or destroyed, it would create operational issues during construction with regards to transferring personnel and apparatus to Stations 2 and 3.

Nina Rikoski gave a brief overview of Certificates of Participation (COP) that will be presented to Council for reallocation of funds. Those funds include $256,750 budgeted for the new Fire station on the Northeast side of town and $277,936 from Station 1 and $200,000 from fund balance. In 2009 a one-time fund withdrawal for COP payment will come due. Asking Council to appropriate these funds as stated above.

MOTION:     Frank O?Donnell moved to support Fire department request to Council for COP payments in PSST budget. Marjorie Smith seconded. Joe Pelka made a friendly modification to support the Fire department?s request to Council for COP payments reallocate to the station Projects in PSST budget. This motion passed with a 6-0-0 vote.
Budget Update: No budget report was requested.

New Business:
Bruce Initiatives November 2008 Ballot: Chair brought-up the Bruce Initiatives that will be on the November 2008 ballot, and their possible affect on the City budget.  He then asked the Committee if it should take any action on the matter. The consensus was that the matter was not within the scope of the Committee?s responsibility, and that it should not get involved, or take any action regarding the Bruce Initiatives.
MOTION:     Joe Pelka moved that with respect to the Bruce Initiatives on the November 2008 ballot, this Committee should not get involved, or take any action; because it is beyond its scope of responsibility, as determined by the City Council. Motion seconded by Marjorie Smith. The motion was unanimously passed with a 6-0-0 vote.
Tour of Wildland Mitigation area was discussed and it was determined that late afternoon in a couple of weeks would be the best time ? group meeting at FDC, 375 Printers Parkway. A RSVP was issued as transportation will be secured for this driving tour. The tour should last between 2 and 2 hours. August 20th was picked at 4:00 P.M. This has been posted as a public meeting on The tour will show cleared areas and those still needing to be cleared for a visual on how the areas look after they have been cleared of fire fuels.

Annual Report: Discussed each slide and how to change or better show progress/results for PSST.

Meeting adjourned at 6:19 P.M.

Next Meeting:
September 3, 2008, 4:30 ? 6:30 P.M., Academy Room, City Hall.

Notes: The minutes of this meeting were taken by JoAnn Cox. Any omissions or corrections should be brought to the Chairperson?s attention at the next PSSTOC meeting.