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Public Art Commission - Minutes     
Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Art Commission Meeting Minutes

July 21, 2009



Present: Rich Eastland (Parks Advisory Board liaison), Lara Garritano, Marica Hefti, Kay Jeansonne, Nancy Johnson, Matt Mayberry (staff), Jay Miller, Stacy Stang (staff), Angela White and Mike Whitley.


Absent: Suzanne Casagrande, Sallie Clark, Kelly Jackson, Jan Martin, Kim Polomka, Meghan Riesterer (staff), and Tara Thomas.


Mike Whitley, Chairperson, called the regular meeting to order at 4:10 p.m.  The meeting was held at City Hall in the Pikes Peak Conference Room, suite 200.


I.                      Approval of Minutes 


As a quorum was not present, the approval of minutes from the June 16, 2009 meeting was postponed.


II.            New Business


Lara Garritano discussed a conversation with Susan Edmondson of the Bee Vradenburg Foundation, during which Ms. Edmondson recommended the use of the Peer Assistance Network (PAN) through the Colorado Council on the Arts.  PAN Advisors are available to facilitate meetings on local arts council development, public art program development and more. PAN advisors are available on a first-come, first-served basis until all funds budgeted for PAN consultations are expended.  The facilitator would meet prior to the meeting in order to gauge needs, would attend the meeting and then provide a written report.


Nancy Johnson stated she is on the Cultural Steering Committee which is about to begin its second phase of focus groups to build a regional plan.  Nancy would like the Art Commission to participate as a focus group.  After the focus group meeting, it could be beneficial to then have the PAN Advisor lead a meeting on how the Art Commission best fits into the Regional Cultural Plan. 


Mike Whitley stated he would like to have the AC participate as a focus group at the August meeting.


Mike Whitley stated he would like to have the PAN Advisor engage the group in discussion to broaden the mission of the AC beyond public art.


Matt Mayberry stated that he as a report compiled by Susan Edmondson which compares Colorado Springs arts initiatives with similar communities.


Jay Miller stated he became the President of PPAC in May and is currently gathering input on what the role of PPAC should be in the community.  After gathering this input he would like to compile the results and present these findings to the PPAC Board at the beginning of 2010 to gauge a new direction for PPAC.  Jay asked the AC for their input.


Nancy Johnson stated that she would like to see more opportunities for arts education for youth since school budgets have been cut so drastically.


Matt Mayberry stated that he would like to see PPAC act as fiscal agents for other organizations and connecting artists with these organizations. 


Mike Whitley stated he would like to see PPAC produce exhibitions to provide exposures, education and sales. 


Lara Garritano stated that she sees the opportunity for PPAC to help bring local artists together with organizations providing grant opportunities and professional resources to individual artists, much as Artist Trust functions in Seattle. 


Diann Butlak presented the idea of using available wall space at various downtown parking structures for murals.  She has spoken with Greg Warnke of the City Parking Enterprise and he supports her idea.    She would like to see murals at the Nevada and Kiowa transit center in the lit corner stairwell and also at the City garage at Nevada and Colorado, which has many possible locations.  Ms. Butlak proposes asking the Downtown Development Authority to provide funds for materials and to commission artists.  There may also be the opportunity to involve schools in a competition.   


Matt Mayberry stated that there may be the opportunity for the Downtown Partnership to find a piece from next year?s Art on the Street program for placement in one of the selected areas. 


Nancy Johnson asked if Ms. Butlak has given thought to the expectation of maintenance and longevity of the pieces. 


Matt Mayberry stated that when a piece of public art is donated to the city, 10% of the cost is also donated to be placed in a maintenance fund.


Mike Whitley stated that it sounds like an exciting idea.  He would like to see the proposed pieces presented to the AC prior to installation to be sure that they are appropriate and safe for the location. 


Marica Hefti emphasized how important the call for artist process is and recommended that Ms. Butlak place notices in the Gazette, with COPPeR, with PPAC and on the internet. 


Diann Butlak stated that she would come back to the AC once they have the space decided on, concepts and funding and are ready to put out the call for artists.


III.           Sub-Committee Reports


Student Art Displays-nothing new to report.


IV.           Representative Reports


AIA:  Mike Whitley reported that the AIA Colorado South participated in the Dream City 2020 Initiative on the Built and Planned Subcommittee.  The Summit occurred Saturday June 18 and was attended by 300 people including 20 architectural firms.  Images will be in a rotating exhibit at the Pikes Peak Library District. 

Airport Art Exhibit:  No report.

City Representative:  Matt Mayberry reported the amended ordinance is on the August 11 City Council meeting consent calendar.  Summer maintenance of outdoor art is underway.  The Parks Department would like a sculpture for the roundabout on the Pikes Peak Greenway by America the Beautiful Park.  As there is no funding, this is just something for the AC to keep in mind.

Fine Arts Center:  No report.

Memorial Arts Team: No report.

El Paso County:  No report. 

PPAC:  Marica Hefti reported that the 5th Annual Arts Fest held July 4th weekend at America the Beautiful Park was a success even though the rain cut the hours from 20 to 10.  The crowds were good and the park proved to be an excellent setting for the event.  She has applied to use the park again next year.

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board: Rich Eastland encouraged everyone to pick up a copy of the 2009 Budget in Brief.  On 8/8/09, a monument was installed at Bancroft Park which shows depictions of Colorado Springs over time on an obelisk.  This is in commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the Colorado City founding. 


V.            Other Matters


Mike Whitley stated that Kim Polomka had sent an email requesting a tour of the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum in light of a grant received to restore the exterior.  Mike feels that a tour would be a great option for the AC but since the Museum has its own Advisory Board and this is a historical restoration, it would be outside of the scope of the Commission.  


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:30 p.m.