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Public Art Commission - Minutes     
Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Present: Mike Whitley, Marica Hefti, Kelly Jackson, Jay Miller, Tara Thomas, Angela White, Kim Polomka, Kay Jeansonne, Lara Garritano, Rich Eastland (Parks Advisory Board liaison). Meghan Riesterer (staff) and Matt Mayberry (staff)


Absent: Sallie Clark, Jan Martin, and Nancy Johnson


Mike Whitley, Chairperson, called the regular meeting to order at 4:12 p.m.  The meeting was held at City Hall in the Pikes Peak Conference Room, suite 200.


I.                    Approval of Minutes 


The minutes from the April 21, 2009 meeting were approved as written.


II.                  New Business


Mike Whitley introduced Meghan Riesterer from the City Planning Department.  Megan is working on the City?s form-based code and will attend the Arts Commission meetings as a staff liaison.


Bettina Swigger, executive director of COPPeR, discussed the work done to date on creating a cultural plan for the Pikes Peak Region. She distributed a written overview of the cultural planning process, which started in 2008. Part of the process so far has included an electronic survey completed by over 300 respondents, an art summit held at the East Library last fall, and the study on the economic impact of the arts published by COPPeR in 2007.  The process is currently in phase I, which focuses on data collection and research. Bettina asked the Arts Commission members for their assistance in reaching out and gathering data around the region. COPPeR recently submitted an NEA grant that will help fund Phase II of the project, which will bring in a consultant to synthesize the data and begin formulating the cultural plan.


Kim Polomka asked whether COPPeR had any plan to re-apply for a Governor?s Award.  Bettina replied that she didn?t believe the community was quite competitive enough at the moment, and that working on the cultural plan would help position us for such an application in the future.


Lara Garritano asked how this plan would dovetail into other planning documents developed by El Paso County, City of Colorado Springs, etc. Bettina said that the cultural planning team was working with county and municipal officials to keep them informed and ensure correlation among the planning priorities. The final plan will address the next 5 ? 8 years and supply clear goals and directions. 


MOTION: Kay Jeansonne made a motion to approve and endorse COPPeR?s process and efforts in creating a cultural plan, Kim Polomka seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


Mike Whitley reviewed a draft of an ordinance amending the current structure of the Arts Commission. The ordinance was drafted by the City Attorney?s office. In discussing the ordinance the following revisions were suggested:


1)       In section 2 delete the word ?visual? in the line reading ?Three (3) visual artists from the community.? This change is intended to attract a wider variety of potential candidates.

2)       In the bolded text describing organization representatives make the following change, ?organizations designated in Section 2, above, may shall recommend representatives for appointment to City Council.?

3)       In the original ordinance passed in 2007, the section describing a quorum (section 6) is vague, it is recommended changing that section from ?7 regular? making a quorum to ?7 voting? members.

Student Art Displays:


III.                Sub-Committee Reports


Student Art Displays:  Jay Miller announced that current exhibit will change in the coming week or so.


IV.                Representative Reports


AIA:  Nothing to report.

Airport Art Exhibit:  Kelly Jackson reported lots of activities relating to art displays at the airport. The art walls will be going up later this year.  Gate 6, which is currently unused, will become an addition new gallery space for art. Space will also be created for children?s artwork next to the expanded kids? play area.  Finally, Kelly is working to create a new space for announcements of upcoming performing arts activities around the community. City Representative:  Matt Mayberry reported that complication developed for the Art Without Limits (AWOL) project that was presented to the Arts Commission by Caitlin Green, from the UCCS Gallery of Contemporary Art, in April. The Commission enthusiastically supported the project, which proposed hanging brightly colored fabric in the historic quarry at Red Rock Canyon. Red Rock Canyon has a permanent conservation easement held by the Palmer Land Trust. After reviewing the proposal, this organization determined that the plan would violate the terms of the easement and would not give the required permission to proceed. Ms. Green is considering other locations around the community.  Mayberry also reported that the base of the W.J. Palmer sculpture in the intersection of Nevada and Platte avenues was damaged on May 15 when a car, driven at high speed, collided with the piece. Oil and antifreeze stained the base. The Museum staff is consulting with a conservator to determine the best course of action to clean and repair the granite.

El Paso County:  No report. 

Fine Arts Center:  No report. 

Memorial Arts Team: There have been changes to the design of the art space at the hospital in order to attract more attention to the art.  The team is also working to develop a ?tree of life? project intended to tell stories about premature babies that inspire hope. 

PPAC:  Marica Hefti announced that PPAC is preparing to give out their first ?microgrant? of $100. Only PPAC members are eligible to apply for these funds.  Also, The Pikes Peak Art Fest will be held at America The Beautiful Park on July 3-5.

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board: Rich Eastland discussed the limited funding available to irrigate the community?s numerous parks and the impact it may have on the appearance of the parks and the health of the trees and other plants.   


V.                  Other Matters


There were no other matters.


There being no further business to come before the Commissioners the meeting was declared adjourned at 5:30 p.m.