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Public Art Commission - Minutes     
Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Art Commission Meeting Minutes

June 16, 2009



Present: Rich Eastland (Parks Advisory Board liaison), Lara Garritano, Kelly Jackson, Kay Jeansonne, Matt Mayberry (staff), Jay Miller, Kim Polomka, Meghan Riesterer (staff), Stacy Stang (staff), Tara Thomas and Mike Whitley.


Absent: Sallie Clark, Marica Hefti, Jan Martin, Nancy Johnson and Angela White


Mike Whitley, Chairperson, called the regular meeting to order at 4:05 p.m.  The meeting was held at City Hall in the Pikes Peak Conference Room, suite 200.


I.                    Approval of Minutes 


As a quorum was not present, the approval of minutes from the May 19, 2009 meeting was postponed.


II.                  New Business


Charlie Brown, President of the Colorado Springs Rotary Club presented on the 2009 Butterflies & Friends fundraising program.  The Butterflies & Friends Fundraising Committee would like to display several of this year?s sculptures on public property.  Mr. Brown presented the proposed locations, which are the same as last year.  This year?s sculptures will be created in two different sizes; the large size of 42? tall with a 56? wingspan or the small size of 28? tall and a 40? wingspan.  They will be installed on 5? or 6? stakes.


This year?s proceeds go to Imagination Celebration to help with the District 11 consolidation. 


Although there was not a quorum present, Chairman Whitley asked for the present Commissioners to vote.  All present Commissioners voted in favor of supporting Butterflies & Friends and approve of placing the butterfly sculptures on public property.


Mike Whitley stated that he would like to make contact with Imagination Celebration in order to establish better lines of communication. 


Tara Thomas stated that she is on the Imagination Celebration Leadership Council and attends their monthly meetings. 


Kim Polomka remembered that Marica Hefti had agreed to attend the monthly Leadership Council meetings on the Art Commission?s behalf. 


Stacy Stang read back the minutes from January: Imagination Celebration holds a Leadership Council Meeting monthly and has invited a member of the Arts Commission to attend.  Meetings are held the second Friday of the month at 8:30 a.m.  Marica Hefti will attend.  A report will be given to the AC as needed during the Other Matters portion of the agenda.


Mike Whitley said that he will speak with Marica to follow up.


III.                Old Business


Matt Mayberry presented the amended ordinance as prepared by the City Attorney?s Office.  The Commissioners voted to keep the changes as presented with the additional change of:

Section 6.  Seven regular members shall constitute a quorum. 


IV.                Sub-Committee Reports


Student Art Displays-Jay Miller reported that he is currently trying to coordinate a time to remove current art and install the new artwork. 





V.                  Representative Reports


AIA:  Mike Whitley reported that the AIA Colorado South held their 1st Annual Golf Tournament at the Woodmoor Pines Golf Club May 15, 2009.  It was well attended by both architects and sponsors.  On June 17, 2009, the AIA will be holding an Informational Training Session on the newly adopted Form-Based Code at 7 pm at the Fire Administration Building. 

Airport Art Exhibit:  Kelly Jackson reported they are coordinating the change out of the art cases which will occur at the end of June.  The Space Exhibit is coming down and those art cases will be moving to Gate 6.  In the concourse there will be with gallery walls creating two different viewing areas.  There may be an opening at the end of July but no details have been decided.

City Representative:  Matt Mayberry reported that invitations went out for the Art on the Street Opening which will occur Friday, June 26 from 5:30 pm to 7 pm at the Pikes Peak Center.  This year?s Art on the Street juror, Jan Schall, will be lecturing at the FAC on Thursday, June 25 at 7 pm.  Tickets are free and seats can be reserved by calling the FAC at 634-5581.  The Statue of Liberty project is still on hold indefinitely pending funding.  Caitlin Greene with the Art Without Limits project is currently considering other areas to have the art installation intended for Red Rock Canyon, including Helen Hunt Falls in North Cheyenne Canon and Manitou Springs.  There may be another presentation to the Commission depending on the location selection.  Matt reported that the City is facing a $24M deficit for 2010.  Details on the effects of this deficit will be available to the public sometime in September.  Matt stated that in the next month several reports will be released which speak to the future of the City.  These include the Dream City visioning report, the Operation 60Thirtyfive visioning report, the Sustainable Funding Committee report and City Manager?s report. 

Fine Arts Center:  Tara Thomas reported that 1440 Minutes, a 24 hour art installation by the Gallery of Contemporary Art at UCCS and IDEA at Colorado College will occur on Friday, June 19 beginning at 5 pm.  The FAC will be holding a folding chair lecture on the Botero Exhibit on Saturday, June 27 for FAC members only. 

Memorial Arts Team: The team is still working to develop a ?tree of life? project intended to tell stories about premature babies that inspire hope. 

El Paso County:  No report. 

PPAC:  Jay Miller reported that PPAC has now given two microgrants of $100. Only PPAC members are eligible to apply for these funds.  Also, The Pikes Peak Art Fest will be held at America The Beautiful Park on July 3-5.  The 2009 Arts Council Awards for Excellence in Arts will be September 20, 2009.

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board: Rich Eastland reported that the Parks Department is working on a joint operation with the Humane Society to address the issue of off-leash dogs in Parks.  A rail car on the Rock Island Trail was recently cleaned for asbestos.  There was a dedication held for the new pavilion at Red Rock Canyon on June 13.  Finally the Friends of Red Rock Canyon are fundraising in order to partner with the City on the purchase of White Acres.


VI.                Other Matters


Meghan Riesterer reported that City Council is in the process of approving the Downtown Form-Based Code and the 2nd reading is next Tuesday, June 23.  Section of the Downtown Regulating Plan describes the required make-up of the soon to be established Downtown Review Board (DRB).  The DRB will primarily hear Warrant (i.e. variance) requests; but will also occasionally act on requests for Downtown Conditional Uses, Use Variances, Density Bonus requests, and/or Interim Use requests.  The DRB is made up of 9 Council-appointed members, one of which could be someone also on the Art Commission.  An email inviting interested parties to apply will be sent to all Art Commission members.


Lara Garritano asked if the Art Commission as an Advisory Board to City Council could advise on proposed budget cuts and advocate for issues in which the AC believes.  Lara asked if the AC could set goals in order to be prepared to advocate.


Mike Whitley asked all Commissioners to think of ideas for a goal setting to take place at next month?s meeting.