City of Colorado Springs / Commissions & Committees / Telecommunications Policy Advisory Committee (TPAC)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

TPAC Minutes

April 21, 2009

7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.

City Administration Building, 30 S. Nevada Avenue, Suite 701

Colorado Springs, CO


Present:     TPAC Members: Michael Freeman, Marshall Tuttle, Richard Embury, Justin Burns, Mark Ewell

Absent:      Gerry Geyer, Russ Fertitta, Haze Hutmacher, Amber Robinson


Staff:          Kathy Lake, Jackie Julaton, Jon Saultz, Stephanie Fung

Guests:       Kim Girling-Colorado Springs Utilities, Bonnie Moeder-Colorado Springs Utilities, Phil Hagen-Colorado Springs Economic Development Corporation, David Sered - Comcast, Scott Seab-Connexion Technologies



A quorum was present and the meeting was called to order at 7:40 a.m.



Mr. Michael Freeman welcomed the TPAC committee members and guests Jon Saultz and Stephanie Fung of the City of Colorado Springs IT Department.



Regarding the March minutes, Mr. Mark Ewell requested to change "see above" to "no report" in the section of Franchise Updates for Porchlight. Mr. Michael Freeman made a motion to approve the March minutes as amended, Mr. Marshall Tuttle seconded the motion, all were in approval, and the motion passed.



No report.




Cable Video Franchise Updates


         Comcast:  Mr. David Sered reported that Maria Arias is the new Area Vice President and General Manger for Comcast in Southern Colorado. She will be attending a future TPAC meeting. Mr. Sered announced that "Comcast Cares Day" will be held April 25th. Comcast Cares Day typifies our everyday commitment to improve the quality of life in the local communities where our customers and employees live and work. The locations of the projects will be at Griffith Center, Cheyenne Village, and CPCD Headstart. Mr. Sered indicated the Call Center tour for the TPAC on April 3 was a success and that if any of the members were unable to attend to please let him know and he will set up a tour individually.. Mr. Mark Ewell indicated the TPAC enjoyed the tour and thanked Mr. Sered. Mr. Sered also gave an open invitation for TPAC, if they are interested, to tour the Newsmakers studio.


         Falcon Broadband:  No report.


         Porchlight: No report.


New Technologies

No report.


TPAC Website (

         Review of any new content, updates and sections on SpringsGov website (TPAC/City staff)


Mr. Jon Saultz and Ms. Stephanie Fung presented on upgraded website. Mr. Saultz mentioned that the target date to go live was moved from April 27 to May 4. A suggestion was made to add CSU and Memorial. Mr. Saultz indicated the three main objectives for the upgrade of this website are ADA Compliance, Security Vulnerabilities & a supportable environment with maintenance, everything else is a bonus. Mr. Saultz provided his email address to the TPAC so they can forward any other questions or suggestions to him.




         Legislative Matters Sub-Committee

No report.


         Franchise Performance Sub-Committee

   No report.


         Broadband Infrastructure Task Force:  No report, however, Mr. Marshall Tuttle indicated that he will provide a report on a quarterly basis.


Review, Planning and action status - TPAC support to City IT

No report.


Future Projects: No report.




Mr. Justin Burns announced he has a new position with TW Telecom.


ADJOURN:  There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:18a.m.