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Civil Service Commission - Agenda
Tuesday, July 07, 2009


July 7, 2009


Call to Order

Chairman Andrew Collins called the meeting of the Colorado Springs Civil Service Commission to order on Tuesday, July 7, 2009 at the City Administration Building, 30 S. Nevada Ave., Suite 102 at 8:36 am.


Commissioners present: Andrew Collins, Peg LeClair, Fran Pitaro, Jerry Voegele

Commissioners absent: William Green


Approval of June 2009 Minutes

Commissioner LeClair moved to approve the minutes from the June 2, 2009 Civil Service Commissioners? Meeting.  Commissioner Pitaro 2nd the motion.  The Commission unanimously approved the minutes.


2009 Police Commander Promotional Test

Sue Autry, Police Management Services Commander, requested one selection list that would combine the entry and lateral entry lists into one banded list.  Additionally she requested approval of the following components and thresholds for examination:

         Physical Ability Test - 25%, Law Enforcement Aptitude Battery - 45%, Structured Interview - 30%

         Use thresholds for the Physical Ability Test & Law Enforcement Aptitude Battery, but not for the Structured Interview

         Candidates required to score 5 out of 10 on the LEAB in order to continue in the process

         Candidates required to pass the obstacle course portion of the Physical Ability Test & 2 of the remaining 3 events (take down, trigger pull and dummy drag)

         Use of the ?banding? method to rank candidates


Other Business

There was some discussion about the status of the CORA request board.



Commissioner Voegele made a motion to adjourn the meeting that was 2nd by Commissioner Pitaro.  Chairman Collins adjourned the meeting at 8:56 am.


The special meeting was requested of the Civil Service Commissioners, which is scheduled on August 4, 2009 at Hillside Community Center at 8:30 am.


Minutes approved by the Civil Service Commission on  August 4, 2009